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Dear Bengali moms, spare us these taunts that make us go WTF!

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I share a very warm relationship with my mother. It is because of her that I have grown up to be a strong and independent woman. But, like all Bengali moms, she didn’t spare me of taunts during our arguments. Here are some of them. 

1. Khoob Baar Berechhe

Basically, your mother cannot accept that you have grown up to become a matured woman who can take tough decisions without her assistance. Dear Mom, you should be proud of the way you brought me up and not regret it.

2. Beshi Pakaami Hochhe

Your opinionated nature might cause a problem because your mother is not used to seeing such women. The onus then lies on you to explain her how it is mandatory to have a say in important matters.

3. Maa Baba Ke Toh Bhuleyi Gechhish

I got to hear this often when I lived away from my mother for my studies and couldn’t receive her phone call. She would think I am deliberately ignoring her calls and conclude that I have forgotten her and dad.

4. Gaaye Hawa Lege Gechhe

This is another common taunt by Bengali mothers which they use for their independent daughters. Living alone in a different city requires you to run errands, often at odd hours. But your mother thinks you are misusing your freedom and hence these words!

5. Byas Byas Onek Hoyechhe

This is a ninja technique Bengali mothers use to shut their daughters up. We get to hear this when we dare to speak our mind and our mothers don’t agree with what we say.

6. Aar Kono Kotha Hobe Na

When a Bengali mother is in no mood to listen to her children because she believes her decision to be the final word, she makes it clear through this expression. How to explain her that she too needs to listen to us at times because we do have a voice and want to be heard?

7. Maa Babar Kotha Shunle Gaaye Foshka Porbe Na

We can have an opinion different from our parents. Why should it be compulsory to follow every instruction they give us? I agree they are right most of the times but expecting us to obey them even when they are wrong doesn’t seem justified.

8. Oto Mukhe Mukhe Kotha Bolte Hobe Na

Arguments with Bengali mothers are mostly one sided. This is because they are not ready to listen to their children. Every time we try presenting a view, we are asked to keep quiet and not argue. 

Dear Bengali moms, spare us these taunts that make us go WTF!

9. Dorkarer Shomoy Maa Baba Chhara Kauke Paashe Paabi Na

I don’t know why my mother keeps reminding me that I’ll have to come to her seeking for help when I am in need. Just because I don’t say yes to everything you suggest, does not mean I don’t love you.

10. Mon Diye Porashona Kor. Onno Dike Oto Mon Dite Hobe Na.

Why do all arguments boil down to how your studies are going? I am pretty sure every single Bengali daughter has some time or the other heard this taunt from her mother. I love it how our moms want us to do well in our studies but why include it unnecessarily in a fight!

11. Maa Baba Toh  Backdated. Tora Khoob Advanced.

Let us admit that we do misbehave with our mothers, even if its seldom. The misbehaviour is in no way is a result of ‘modernity’. We do so simply out of irritation. But some moms perceive modernity negatively and just look for excuses to call it out.

12. Aamake Shanti Te Thakte Debe Na Eyi Meye Ta

Daughters do not hurt their mothers intentionally. They commit errors unknowingly and mothers should forgive them instead of making it a big deal. But a Bengali mom will taunt her daughter saying that she won’t let her live peacefully.

13. Aar Jalash Na Toh Aamake

A Bengali mother taunts her kids saying this when she is completely pissed off at them. As a Bengali daughter, I suggest you to leave the room when your mother says this and make no futile attempts to explain anything to her.

14. Jaa Bolchhi Tor Bhalor Jonnoyi Bolchhi

No doubt our mothers are our well wishers. They always want the best for us but we do have the right to disagree with them. Even we understand what’s good for us and sometimes what they decide for us might not be right.  

15. Chhoto Meye Chhotor Moton Thaak

A daughter always remains her mother’s ‘little one’ and that is how she is expected to behave even as an adult. Though it feels good to be pampered, mothers should see their daughters as grown ups when the situation demands.

How many of these taunts can you relate to?