Woman Shares Reverse Catfishing Technique, Why It's Recommended

A woman shared on Reddit that she cracked the code for online dating with "reverse catfishing." According to her posting less flattering images has led her to meet some really sweet men on dating apps.

Kalyani Ganesan
Jun 24, 2023 11:52 IST
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Catfishing is an online scam often used on dating or matrimonial sites. The term refers to a person pretending to be someone else online by using fake photos, details, and more. To make themselves look more appealing and lure people into relationships.

According to a global survey conducted by Kaspersky, 33% of the participants have encountered catfishing on dating sites. With that being the scenario, a woman shared on Reddit that she cracked the code for online dating with "reverse catfishing."

Woman Shares Reverse Catfishing Technique

The woman explained how posting the best pictures and cool details on her bio only attracted "jerks" on dating apps. She also shared that she posts less flattering or no-makeup pictures on her dating profiles. After a match, she spent some time chatting with the person to discover if they were really decent or not. She mentioned that she would meet them on a quick date only if they met her standards.

She narrated how she has gone out on dates with three men so far, and it was fun seeing their eyes light up when they saw her in person. She shared that they eventually admitted that they thought she looked prettier than they expected, and they were all incredibly sweet. The woman added that things didn’t work out due to logistical reasons with two men but were going great with the third person.

Further added, she had no luck when she posted her most flattering pictures. Most of her dates ended up being jerks. She also claimed that not necessarily this technique will work all the time, but highly recommended for women on dating apps.

Reacting to her post, netizens loved her technique, and some even shared similar stories.


Why It's Highly Recommended

Given the post that we come across about being scammed on dating and matrimonial sites, this technique seems workable. Men who would prefer to choose their partner based only on looks wouldn’t be ideal partners in the long run. So, connecting with a person who appreciates our inner beauty matters in forming a meaningful relationship.

Reverse catfishing seems to be an interesting technique to weed out creepy men who have no intention of committing to a serious relationship and are just looking to scam people online. If a man is looking over a woman’s looks and still likes her for the person that she is rather than being attracted to her for how she looks, that’s a solid green flag in dating. There's a comparatively higher possibility that the relationship might work out with these men.

At the end of the day, all of us need a partner who'll still see how beautiful we are even when we are tired, sleepy-faced, or sick. A person who connects with us because they love our soul is going to do just that. After all, we need a partner to grow old together—someone who'll love us with the greys and wrinkles, not someone who simply appreciates external beauty. That's an outright red flag.

Given the prevalence of fraudsters on dating and matrimonial sites, everyone should try to reverse catfishing at some point, and that's probably going to let us connect with some really nice people. Even if the match doesn’t turn into a relationship, we might end up making good friends.We're going to be wearing those old PJs and a messy bun all day at home and we all deserve to be loved just like that. So, reverse catfishing it is!

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