Chatting Before Dating: Five Red Flags To Look Out For

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Red Flags While Chatting: The internet is now the most commonly used platform for interaction and getting to know others, especially during the pandemic. We are much less likely to be out and hence, we often look online to meet new people.

In this age of online dating and dating apps, how do we really get to know each other? How do we identify the red flags while chatting? Here are five red flags to help you know if the relationship is worth pursuing in real life.

They talk about their ex-partners critically

When you listen to a person speak about their past relationships and partners, you can learn a lot about themselves too. This can be a big factor that determines how you will likely get treated in the future.

A person who puts all the blame on their ex and attributes all the bad qualities in the relationship to the other partner is a major red flag. If the person you’re talking to constantly bashes their ex-partners to you instead of being mature and handling it properly, you should probably reconsider taking things further.

They don’t want to do video chats but insist on meeting you in person

There are a lot of scams especially when it comes to online dating. It’s best to avoid people who insist on meeting you just a few days after getting to know each other. It’s important to make sure that the person you’re getting to know is safe and real.

Although it’s understandable that a person may not be comfortable with video chats, it’s a warning if a person does not want to identify themselves clearly before meeting each other. Getting catfished or scammed are two things one should be cautious of when it comes to online dating.

They demand your full attention every day

Chatting and getting to know each other online can be brutal during a pandemic. While it’s important to give each other attention in order to get to know each other better, nothing should become too obsessive.

We’re all aware of how many creeps surround us on the internet, and by chance, you might even meet one of them. If the person you’re talking to demands your whole attention every day without considering your schedule and needs for quality time, it’s one of the clear red flags while chatting.

They constantly get you to do things to make them feel better

In a relationship, controlling individuals often assume that there’s a hierarchy in which the other partner dominates over the other. Some people have a habit of guilt-tripping their partners even for the smallest reasons to get what they want.

If you have to compromise more than you receive and if you have to constantly do things for them to make them happy even while just chatting, you shouldn’t think about a relationship.

They talk badly about other women but tell you you’re different

There are some people who still think that trashing women is a joke and a form of entitlement. Comparing you to other women and telling you’re not like them does not make you any better than them. Any person who tries to compliment you by trashing someone else cannot be a good influence now or later.

It’s cool to be like other women. It’s okay to not be different. What’s not okay is to settle for a relationship with a person who has a mindset like this.