SheLeads: Financial Independence More Vital Than 'Settling Down'

Charvi Kathuria
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Women are often encouraged to "settle down" (get married) after completing their education and getting jobs. This often comes at the cost of their financial independence. Franklin Templeton Investments (India) launched "Invest for Progress", a campaign encouraging women about the importance of being financially independent before "settling down".


At SheLeadsIndia, we asked a bunch of successful women how they perceive settling down, why it must be redefined to suit the modern scenario and why it is pivotal for women to be financially independent.

"For me, settling down means settling with your own self," says Ihitashri Shandilya. She asserts that financial independence is important for every woman.

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Priyanka Raina, Gracia Raina Foundation, says that settling down means settling for your own happiness and journey.

Geetanjli Sachwani, AVP Marketing, Franklin Templeton Investments, says that settling down must give women the wisdom and understanding to look forward to financial progress and invest for that progress.

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"For me, settling down means settling with your own self" -  Ihitashri Shandilya 

Importance of financial independence

Priyanka Raina says that women are often not capable of managing finances independently. Financial independence lets you make decisions about your life and become happy about it. It is important for us to take our own financial decisions.

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Nishtha Satyam of UN Women says that access to finance helps you invest more and do more for your children. It also makes independent consumption possible for you.

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