Success Comes When You Believe In Yourself: Entrepreneurs At SheLeads

Charvi Kathuria
Mar 07, 2018 13:21 IST

What goes into the making of an entrepreneur? Grit, determination, innovation and support. That's what emerged at a panel discussion at SheLeadsIndia, organised by SheThePeople.Tv. Author Rashmi Bansal, Da Milano's Shivani Malik and Kanabis's Devika Srimal gave an insight into their entrepreneurship journeys.


Entrepreneurial journey

On her entrepreneurship journey, Shivani Malik says,"It took a lot of belief in myself to do what I did. A lot of support came to me from my husband, which helped me reach where I am today."

Rashmi Bansal, on the other hand, believes that when you want to do something, you find a way


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Devika Srimal had been working for 6 years. She also told that she had an entrepreneurial streak in herself since she was 5 years old. Moreover, her love for animals compelled her to give up leather. There was also a supportive family behind her. This helped her in her starting Kanabis.


Finding inspiration

Shivani reflects on how when she started work, there weren't many forums to have discussions or videos to get inspired.

"But I used to read a lot. In such cases, having a mentor becomes important."


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Importance of mentors

On embracing failure


Rashmi Bansal says that success and failure aren't permanent events. You embrace failures and move on.

Shivani feels that the biggest part of any success is failure. "Whenever you fail, you learn from it. It is important to believe in yourself and your work."

Devika Shrimal says that success and failure are a part of a constant journey. She says, "There is a new day and a new challenge. Forget what happened yesterday and start afresh. If you are really focused and passionate, then everything works."

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