Cab Driver Sends Personal Texts, Pics To Woman; Company Responds

Bhumika Maheshwari, a homoeopathic doctor, took to Twitter to share her disturbing experience, where the Uber driver contacted her via text messages after she completed the ride.

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Credits: Twitter/@thisisbhumika

Woman shares "distressing" encounter with uber driver. (Image: Twitter/@thisisbhumika)

An X user (formerly known as Twitter) Bhumika Maheshwari shared screenshots of the WhatsApp chat of an Uber driver who decided to text the user on her private WhatsApp number after dropping her off the ride. The driver allegedly asked her for "friendship" which Bhumika claimed was a "distressing" act for her. 


The incident reportedly occurred on October 19 and was shared on social media on October 20 sharing the discomforting experience by a female customer and was immediately responded to by the company. 

Homeopathic Doctor Shares "Distressing" Encounter With Uber Driver:

In times of high traffic, rising pollution, and inflation, using public transport and carpooling is the most sustainable option for the daily commute. And for women, cabs and taxis are supposed to be the safest way to commute. But with rising cases of taxi drivers harassing their passengers, one other incident has come to light with an X user's social media reach. 

On Friday, a young homoeopathic doctor, Bhumika Maheshwari shared her Uber ride experience of her cab driver deciding to text her after finishing the ride which made her feel uncomfortable and unsafe as a female passenger. 

Her Uber driver, who said his name was Rahul decided to privately text the user on her WhatsApp asking her for "friendship" as can be read in the screenshots shared by the user where he seemed to have also shared a photograph. 

She tagged Uber's support team to express her concerns over the safety of their female riders and Netizens flooded the comments sections asking Bhumika to file an FIR or NC against the case so that the accused Uber Driver knows he is not supposed to slide into any women's DMs like that as he already knows her address. 


Many other Netizens have appreciated Bhumika for her bravery in exposing the driver and confronting the company directly.

The company was quick to respond and publicly apologised to Bhumika for her distressing encounter and also asked her to privately text them her details to carry out their further probe into the situation to resolve the trouble. 

Bhumika in her comments section also revealed how she was first concerned this would affect the driver's job and was frightened as the driver now knows where she lives. To a user commenting under her post, Bhumika also replied that she is waiting for the company to take some actions, but if they do not then she will file an FIR report. 

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