Woman Accuses Rapido Driver Of Sending Inappropriate Messages, Shares Screenshots

Rapido Driver's Inappropriate Messages
A woman on Twitter took to Twitter and shared that a Rapido driver had sent her inappropriate and creepy messages on WhatsApp.

The woman shared screenshots of the WhatsApp messages and wrote in the caption, “shared my location with a rider at Rapido Bike App and this is what I get?”

The Twitter user has also shared a screenshot of the creepy text messages that the accused sent to her, one of which read “Bhaiya nahi hoon (don’t consider me your brother)”.

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Rapido Driver’s Inappropriate Messages

The text messages also consisted of inappropriate comments like the Rapido driver didn’t want to pick her up but only did after seeing her display profile on WhatsApp and after hearing her voice. This ordeal happened with a Twitter user named “Husnpari” who expressed her rage over the incident via her tweet.

Many people over Twitter have been expressing their concern about the safety of women while they might simply be going through their regular work schedule as well as rage about the inappropriate gesture by the Rapido driver.

The driver started off by asking whether she was asleep and then told her that he only came to pick her up after seeing her display picture and hearing her voice, otherwise he would not have come.

One such Twitter User wrote, “Eww man, this is so disgusting, I am sorry you had to go through this. Please take care”.

The Tweet encouraged another woman to share a similar incident, she had sent the live location via WhatsApp and the driver messaged her months later. He asked her why she didn’t upload a display picture and added that her pictures were “nice”. The driver also added that he looks at her display picture every day.

Rapido Cares responded to the tweet and said they were disappointed by the captain’s lack of professionalism and apologetic about the incident. They assured that the company would take action on a priority basis.

It’s really thought-provoking that such shocking Incidents happened with women like when a ten-month-old girl died after she was thrown out of a moving car in Palghar district, Maharastra, at the same time her mother was being allegedly molested inside the cab by the driver and other co-passengers, after which they threw the woman out of the car too, all injured and scared.

Not only inside cars or on the streets but these predators even don’t leave women safe inside their own homes proof of it is the incident that happened in Mumbai, where a delivery person allegedly molested a woman after entering her home forcibly after handling her the food parcel. These all incidents are enough to prove that we have a long way to achieve the desired conditions for women’s safety in our country.