US Woman Shoots Cab Driver Assuming That He Was Kidnapping Her

A woman in the US mistakenly thought that her cab driver was trying to kidnap her and shot him dead. The woman is arrested for murder charges.

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The 48-year-old Phoebe Copas mistakenly assumed that her Uber driver was kidnapping her to Mexico, and shot him dead to seemingly save her life. The increasing incidents of kidnapping and assaults have alarmed many people and have started being skeptical about things.  US woman in this case ended up killing her cab driver. It is important to be alert but always be critical and doubtful about situations is also not right as well. It can end up in something unnecessarily wrong. That's exactly what happened with Copas. However, the violence cannot be justified. 

Kentucky resident Copas was in Texas where her boyfriend lived. On June 16, she reportedly called a cab to drive her to a local bar to meet her boyfriend after his work shift. She got into her cab, being driven by 52-year-old Daniel Piedra Garcia, and during the ride, she noticed the signboard of 'Juarez, Mexico' on the highway that her driver took. Copas assumed that the driver had taken the wrong route and was trying to kidnap her to Mexico.

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US Woman Shoots Uber Driver Over Kidnapping Suspicion

She pulled out her revolver from her bag and shot the man on his wrist and the back of his head to seemingly save her from the danger. The car crashed as the driver was injured and she got out of it. took a picture of the incident, sent it to her boyfriend, and called the cops. The driver was taken to a hospital where he was kept on life support but on Wednesday, he was reportedly declared dead. 

On investigation, it was found that the Uber driver was not trying to kidnap her and was only following the directions shown on the Uber app. It was Copas who assumed that she was being kidnapped and  killed him purely out of her suspicion.

The El Paso police arrested Copas for aggravated assault leading to serious physical injury and is currently held on a $1.5 million bond. On the other hand, the cab company has expressed its grief over Garcia's death and has banned Copas from the online cab platform.

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