Woman Hails Mumbai Autorickshaw Drivers For Finding Her Lost Phone

A woman gave a detailed account of how she lost her phone and found it with the help of common people living their everyday life in the chaos of Mumbai.

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Mumbai Woman Lost Phone

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What are the odds of finding honesty in the brutal world? One Twitter user found the same honesty in a group of autorickshaw drivers and a gig worker. The user identified as Historywali wrote a Twitter thread narrating the tale of honesty and goodness. 

A woman gave a detailed account of how she lost her phone and found it with the help of common people living their everyday life in the chaos of Mumbai. If you are a Mumbaikar, your affection for the city will double. The story starts when she realised her phone was missing on reaching Versova metro station. 

The tweet read- I lost my phone this morning. iPhone 12 mini, which I’ve had for about 2 years. I was going up the escalator at the Versova Metro station when I reached into my bag and had my ‘waitaminute where the fuck is my phone???!’ moment. Heart sank.

Woman Hails Mumbai Autorickshaw Drivers

Followed by a series of tweets she exemplified how the autorickshaw driver helped her locate her phone while others on the autorickshaw stand contributed to finding the phone. 

Another tweet from the thread read- But no one picked up! I was there heart-sinking, cussing self for being careless, trying to figure what to do next - I came to, and this image is imprinted in my head… 6-7 Rikshaw drivers around me, all calling my phone by turns… discussing what must be done. 


These drivers left several rides to help the Twitter user find her phone. They started calling on her phone and also suggested filing a complaint. She also mentioned that after trying so hard, she gave up, but one driver named Prakash kept calling just to find the phone. Now with the phone answered, another man enters the phone quest.

As cited by a Twitter user, Rahul, a delivery executive found her phone and gave it back to her putting an end to the hunt. She wrote, "But omfg I dunno what I’ve done to deserve this - Rahul aaya! On a bicycle, in his Swiggy uniform, wearing a transparent plastic raincoat, somewhat drenched, Rahul Kumar my hero… he whipped my phone outta his pocket and I collapsed into a pile of relief + happiness + omg."

In the end, she thanked everyone who helped her find the phone and also posted reasons why she took the time to write a full fledge thread on the incident. 

A moment when a woman shared her story of missing phone, netizens started pouring in comments praising Mumbai and her people. Many also shared their personal story of how the Mumbai people helped them. 


A user commented, "I have had my phones returned twice by strangers in Mumbai. And stolen from my hands in Bangalore." Another wrote, "There's a reason why this city is Mumbai meri Jaan."

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