'How Dare You Threaten My Daughter?' Mid-Air Fight Goes Viral

A video of a man lashing out at a passenger who allegedly threatened his daughter on a Vistara flight is widely being circulated on Twitter.

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father yells after daughter allegedly touched

(Image: Twitter/@gharkekalesh)

In yet another viral aviation news, a video showcasing a heated argument on a Vistara flight is being widely circulated on Twitter. It was earlier reported that a brawl erupted mid-air, sparked by a father’s outrage over his daughter being inappropriately touched by another passenger. 

However, an aircraft spokesperson clarified the incident and said an altercation ensued between the passengers occupying seats 22A and 23A on Vistara flight UK852 going from Mumbai to Dehradun.

"A passenger got disturbed by a young passenger sitting in the row behind him. The said passenger questioned the behaviour, to which the parents of the young passenger objected. This led to a verbal altercation that was settled amicably upon the intervention of the Vistara’s cabin crew onboard. The remainder of the journey after that was completed peacefully,” a Vistara spokesperson said.

The video, shared on Twitter, shows an angry man charging at another man right after a girl is heard yelling. The girl's father seated in a different seat got up to assist her after hearing her scream and yelled at the person. The air hostess near the father tried to calm him down before calling out for the aircraft's captain. 

Check out the video here


This is not an isolated incident. Earlier this year, Air India Pee-gate scandal created ripples in the aviation industry. A drunk passenger, supposedly in his 30s, had walked up to the 70-year-old woman co-passenger, unzipped his pants, and urinated on her. He continued to expose himself until another passenger asked him to return to his seat. The woman complained to the crew that her clothes, shoes, and bag were soaked in urine. Allegedly, the crew gave her a set of pyjamas and slippers and told her to return to her seat, claiming that no other seat was available. An FIR was filed months after the incident came to light.

In March this year, the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) gave some recommendations to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to prevent and tackle rising incidents of disruptive and unruly passengers on flights. 

Some of the recommendations included action against highly intoxicated people by preventing them from boarding the aircraft, protocols to handle such passengers and severely limiting alcohol intake on flights.

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