Seven Ways People Can Be Proactive With Their Mental Health

Self-love is the best way to boost your mental health. So love yourself unconditionally. 

Geetika Arora Bhojak
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Mental health is the foundation of our overall well being, as our mental state determines the quality of life we choose to live. Our physical health is closely interlinked with our mental health - science has proven the mind - body connection and our ancient wisdom traditions have taught us the same. Mental health impacts our holistic health in more ways than we can understand - it is the key to our social, emotional, spiritual and financial wellbeing. Being proactive towards our mental well being and adopting healthier habits to take care of our mental state just as we do for our physical state allows us to flourish in all areas of life.

But what do we mean by being proactive towards mental health? Proactive means creating opportunities, making choices and cultivating habits that can safeguard our mental health rather than dealing with the aftermath of a mental health crisis. Just like we take a gym membership or go for a walk so that we can stay fit physically, these habits can help us stay fit ‘mentally’. So lets invest in training our mental muscles with these tips and techniques:

Being Proactive With Mental Health 7 things to do:

One - Meditation and Breathwork

Meditation plays a very important role in giving more clarity and focus and in helping us connect with the present moment. Research suggests that meditation helps reduce stress, anxiety and other negative thought patterns and is beneficial in giving mental the ‘equanimity’ or mental balance required to deal with day to day challenges.  People who regularly meditate often experience better moods, are able to focus better and have better quality of sleep.

Two - Regular physical movement

While the mind and body are one, mental health usually gets an amazing boost with regular exercise and movement. Exercise releases ‘happy hormones’ - serotonin and dopamine that provide peace and tranquility to the mind and body. Movement can include regular gymming, walking in nature, aerobics, yoga, trampoline and others, which can bring inner balance and harmony in the body. A 15 minute walk within the confines of your house also count!


Three - Regular self-check in

When we are stressed and anxious, we often take a break to regulate our emotions to come back more balanced and aligned. However, daily self check-in ensures that we don't reach the place of anxiety and our energies are given the required attention for our growth and wellbeing. Journaling and self-talk are some simple, yet effective ways to ensure that we have a strong foundation within and they improve our communication with ourselves. When we listen to our mind and body regularly, we can effectively provide for it in a proactive manner.

 Four - Setting SMART Goals

SMART Goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Bound) ensure that we have a certain purpose to head towards. It is popularly said that ‘an empty mind is a devil’s place’. When you set goals, you train your mind to work towards the goal, thereby ensuring the mind is engaging in a productive activity that is deeply meaningful to you. Moreover, by setting goals our thoughts start working in that direction, which lead to constructive thought patterns that result in positive outcomes in our lives. Choose 1 thing that you want to focus on and complete everyday to achieve your SMART Goal.

Five - Surround yourself with positive and uplifting people

Our mental health is largely dependent on the people we surround ourselves with. Our subconscious mind picks up on energies, and by surrounding yourself with ">uplifting energies, we boost our moods and energies like never before. By surrounding ourselves with people who are optimistic, we shift our perspective and thoughts to a more positive approach on situations and life in general.


Six - Pursue your hobby or passion project

We spend most of our time at work. However, if we are unhappy with the work and the environment we work in, we are naturally prone to stress, anxiety and other issues which affect our mental health. Therefore, pursuing a career that aligns with our soul and brings us true joy is always beneficial for better mental health and a happy life. So follow your passion, the paycheck will follow.

Seven - Give back to the society

There is beauty in giving back to others. Volunteering for the vulnerable and the ones in need can be a great boost to your persona as making others happy automatically puts us in a better mental state. Opt for teaching the special children, donate food or provide for the ones in need. This will ensure you are connected to humanity and doing something worthwhile for other souls on this earth, which will fill your soul with gratitude and love. Even a small act of kindness leads to a domino effect of wellbeing and flourishing within the communities we live in, which includes you!

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Bonus tip!

We are all high achievers and we continue to demonstrate immense resilience. We show up to life with the best versions of ourselves. However, each one of us deserves  the time to reset, recharge and replenish our mental energy. Continuing to experience stress without taking time to recover, without putting back what has been depleted can have a profound impact on you and the people around you. So integrate some mindful self-care into your life. Self-care isn’t selfish… - we can't pour from an empty cup.

Self-love is the best way to boost your mental health. So love yourself unconditionally.


Geetika Arora Bhojak is the Founder of The Mindful Foundation. The views expressed are the author's own.

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