Viral Video: Spider Girl Climbs Up Wall Without Any Support

Spider Girl
Spider Girl: A video of a 5-year-old girl climbing walls like a Spider Man has gone viral on social media. The video clip. which is 55-second clip, has left netizens puzzled as the girl is seen effortlessly climbing up the wall of the room using just her arms and legs only. There is no external support she has made use of. She pulls her body up towards the ceiling by placing the complete body weight and support on her hands and bare feet against two walls.

On reaching the top, the girl releases her legs from the wall and her legs can be seen floating in the air for a brief time. Post this, she jumps to the ground after climbing down half of the wall.

A lot of netizens have taken to social media to express their disbelief at the girl’s capabilities. The video which was shared on Twitter on September 13 has 4.3K likes, 115 comments and has been retweeted 922 times. It has also garnered 720.K views.

One user said, “Had she crawled up over the ceiling… trust me mate… I would have called up an exorcist.”

Children, across the world, have been leaving netizens stunt with their incredible talent. Last month, Nadia Comaneci, five-time Olympic gold medallist had taken to social media and retweeted a video of a girl performing jaw-dropping stunts in a gymnastic training centre. Netizens were awed by the little girl’s flexibility as she performs back to back stunts.

A lot of users hailed the girl for her stunts and flexible body. However, there were some who showed genuine concern and wondered if such stunts are good for the child’s health. Read more on this here. 

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