Famous TikToker Ladydrivah 2.0 Found Dead In Her Truck: Reports

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TikTok sensation Ladydrivah 2.0, who was popular on social media for her driving videos, was reportedly found dead in her truck earlier this month. Named Rachelle, she was 38 years old and is survived by two children. Reasons for her death haven’t yet been disclosed to the public.

She had a strong following on both TikTok and Instagram, where she posted clips of herself making content on trends with sharp, tongue-in-cheek humour and detailing her experiences as a woman driver. A trucker in Florida, she also shared visuals from the road and vehicles she drove.

According to The Sun, a fellow TikTok creator has confirmed Ladydrivah’s death in a video.

Reports suggest Ladydrivah was dealing with depression in the days prior to her death, something she was speaking about on social media with her followers. She revealed she was getting a lot of hate and might consider closing down her TikTok account where she had over 16,000 followers.

Ladydrivah 2.0 Death: What We Know So Far

In her final weeks, before she was found dead on November 10 in Jacksonville, Ladydrivah had also been sharing self-reflection and motivational quotes on her Instagram. “I stopped explaining myself because I realised that people understand only what they want to,” one post read.

Her final TikTok video reportedly came on November 1, in which she spoke about cheating and flirting and how they were “disrespectful” to the other partner involved. As per reports, there is speculation that Ladydrivah was in a relationship with someone.

Fans are leaving tributes for the truck influencer on her pages and other social media platforms.

She is one of many influencers to have lost their lives under mysterious circumstances in recent weeks. Reports last week said Russian fitness influencer Yana Fialkovskaya died following corrective breast surgery, with police probing the case. The same week, it was reported that the influencer behind YouTube’s famous ‘Here For The Tea’ channel died, days after posting she recently received some “devastating” news.

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