Russian Influencer Yana Fialkovskaya Dead After Breast Surgery: Reports

Yana Fialkovskaya
Yana Fialkovskaya, a Russian social media influencer known for being a weight loss inspiration to her followers, has reportedly died following breast surgery. Police are investigating the 47-year-old’s death and probing the role of the medical staff that was leading the operation in Siberia. Fialkovskaya leaves behind one child.

Her transformative journey of weight loss had gained her almost 70,000 followers on Instagram. She claimed to have dropped from a triple-digit weight to around 60-70 kgs in a year. According to her profile, she ran keto educational programs that assisted many people struggling with their diets and sizes.

The Sun reports that the circumstances surrounding Fialkovskaya’s death are mysterious. She reportedly underwent a boob job in 2012 and multiple other surgeries to remove excess weight from her body after she dropped sizes. As told to her followers, however, Fialkovskaya had been experiencing pain related to her surgeries and was set to undergo a “corrective” one.

She was allegedly also “scared” before the surgery, a friend of the late influencer was quoted saying. The friend also revealed Fialkovskaya had been postponing this latest surgery for a long time, despite the pain she was in.

Yana Fialkovskaya Dies: What You Should Know

“Since early childhood, I have been fighting an unequal struggle with being overweight, so the experience is huge,” Fialkovskaya wrote, detailing her experiences on her Instagram profile. “The last straw was that I was not allowed to jump with a parachute. The maximum weight is 100 kg, and I have 130 .. It finished me off. Exactly one year later I returned with a weight of 70 kg and JUMPED!”

She was the doctor and nutritionist of a fitness establishment that also had an Instagram presence with @keto_rezultat. There she shared details about her own weight loss journey, motivational messages and success stories of people whose lives she was impacting.

Reports suggest Fialkovskaya suffered a blood clot in the lungs following the breast operation, as claimed in an initial diagnosis. A statement from the Russian Investigative Committee says “a comprehensive assessment of the activities of doctors will be given.”

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