Taapsee Pannu’s Transformation Journey For Upcoming Rashmi Rocket Is Awe-Inspiring

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Taapsee Pannu Transformation Rashmi Rocket: Sports drama Rashmi Rocket starring Taapsee Pannu is slated to release this week. Helmed by Akash Khurana, the story follows the journey of a sprinter from a small village of Gujarat. It stars Priyanshu Painyuli who has bean roped in to play the role of Pannu’s husband. Taapsee Pannu has slogged day and night to do justice to her character. This includes strict diet and vigorous training sessions.

In an Instagram post, she shared that she was very active in sports and game activities during her school days. She used to take part in every race competition till class 5 and clinched a medal. She was hyperactive and competitive in nature. Preparing for the role was a golden chance for her to revisit the old days.

“When I started preparing for Rashmi Rocket, it almost felt like a deja vu. It felt like I was back to the starting line.” she said. She also added that she used to motivate herself that she can ace it again like she did in the past.

Here are some important facts about her transformation journey

  • She refrained from taking any steroids to attain an athletic body. She was very clear that she wanted to train and tone her body in a natural manner. She used to have homemade meals so that the entire process could be genuine and general.
  • She was doing other films simultaneously so she couldn’t just sit at home and devote all her time to Rashmi Rocket’s preparation. She used to work out for two hours and then go for her 12-14 hour long shoots.
  • She would take inspiration from real sprinters and athletes and their appearance for the preparation of the role.
  • “My trainer was worried about how we will make her look like a sprinter with strong muscles built over years. But all of us were here for a challenge. We started working out and it took me around a month to be able to lift heavy weights. I never thought that I would ever lift such heavy weight of over 200 kgs.”, she said.
  • Her team shared that it was a difficult task for them to transform her from the body of an actor to a physique of a sprinter as her testosterone level was not high, it was a challenge for her to gain the physique.
  • She grappled with some challenges when the shoot began. She felt highly exhausted after the third day of the shoot. She stopped halfway through her stint as she couldn’t run. In fact, she couldn’t lift her legs and had to go for a physiotherapy session which lasted two hours. Pannu got intimidated by the whole situation.
  • “It was painful. Every time I used to lift my leg, it used to hurt. That’s not how one can shoot an athletic film. My trainers told me that I will be fine, but it will take time. My trainers were more confident than I was. It took my body a month to reach the level of experiencing ‘bearable’ pain. ”
  • Gradually, she and her team were able to achieve what they wanted to a large extent. Her motive, she said, was try different things out and see what it leads to.
  • She eventually nailed the transformation with the help of her team. Finally, she said, “I’m finally ready to run my final race. I don’t know if I would be able to do it convincingly, but I know that I will definitely do it. And I will enjoy every second of the time I’m on track.”

Rashmi Rocket is gearing up for an OTT release on October 15.

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