Sisterhood With Shaili: Taapsee Pannu Speaks on Her Journey, Upbringing and More

Taapsee Pannu Recalls Humiliating
Taapsee Pannu sisterhood: The actor has been portraying some of the most powerful roles that women can see themselves in. Her characters reflect the real struggles of women and how they come out of it with confidence and realisation that they deserve better.

Be it Minal from Pink, Shabana from Naam Shabana or Amrita from Thappad, Pannu leaves us awed with all her performances. But do her roles resonate with her real-life story?

In the latest episode of Sisterhood with Shaili, the actor was in conversation with the founder of SheThePeople. During the interview, she talked about the problems that arise in a relationship when women earn more than their partners. She revealed her struggles as a female actor, why she chose to do women-centric films and more. Here are a few excerpts from the conversation.

Taapsee Pannu sisterhood: How she became the “hero” of her films

Pannu said that in the initial days she did not have a choice because she didn’t get the films where “big heroes” were okay for her to be their heroine. Having no option, she had to choose the best out of whatever came her way.

She was mostly offered movies where the woman was the centre of the plot. It was something unconventional that not many actors take up so early in their career and she didn’t want to follow the footsteps of her forerunners. “I didn’t really have someone who I could follow. So, I thought, okay, let’s see. Maybe we’ll figure out something about my own self and I followed this path,” said Pannu.

Taapsee Pannu opens up about her upbringing

Pannu has no complaints about the way her parents have raised her. But she comes from a regular middle-class family and she had to even fight with them where she had to ask time out of her own life to try something she wanted to. “So, it’s not like I was instilled these things from the beginning. I think I learned them through my mistakes and through my ups and mostly downs that this is my path,” the actor said. She continued saying that by making errors, she realised what not to do. With every step, she became more and more confident.

Pannu’s take on women earning more than their male partners

“This is a genuine problem,” began Pannu. She said that in many households there is a problem in the relationship where the woman earns more than the man. She recollected that in the past when she was fairly new to the industry, she had a man who she was eyeing and suddenly realised that he might not be acceptable to the fact that she earned more than him. She then decided to stay out of the relationship because she knew it would turn out to be toxic.

“I have seen a lot of these relationships around me where I’ve seen the woman who earns more but tries to hide it and tries to not really enjoy it because she feels that the man will feel bad. And it so happens that in a vulnerable moment of argument, that topic is always brought up where a piercing comment is made on the fact that how you earn, that’s why you are talking like this or how your means of earning are not right that’s why you earn more.”

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