Former Racing Driver And Porn Star Renee Gracie All Set For A Return To Motorsports

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After making headlines for pursuing a career in the adult film industry, former driver Renee Gracie reportedly wants to make a return to Supercars. Having left racecar driving due to the lack of funding in her career, 25-year-old Gracie now says that she has earned enough money to back her racing career, and therefore is considering a return to the track while still continuing with her work in the adult film industry.

The ex-Australian V8 Supercar driver has claimed to have made approx R18.8 lakh from her work on the adult site OnlyFans. She now wants to use that income to fund her own racing team. “I now have the financial security to get back into it,” Gracie told The Daily Telegraph.

I can now afford to go racing without worrying about crashing the car. I won’t be reliant on sponsorships.

What You Should Know

  • Back in June this year, Renee Gracie had quit her racing career to become a pornstar to earn a living.
  • She’s now planning on a motorsport comeback.
  • Renee says she has earned enough money to get back into the sport.
  • The 25-year-old says that she is eyeing a return in Super2 development series.

Gracie is not quitting OnlyFans

Saying that giving up her porn career won’t be a smart move, Gracie added, “No I won’t stop.”

She also explained that she was earning around $25,000 a week during her short stint as an adult performer and “that’s what is giving me the money to pay for it.”

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How did  Gracie become an Adult Film Star

In the year 2015, the former Australian race driver became the first full-time female competitor in V8 Supercars Dunlop Series in 14 years. But earlier this year, she was struggling to keep her racing career afloat because of her poor form and lack of funds.

Back in June, Gracie quit racing and joined the adult industry. Taking on the challenges she confirmed that there’s also a chance that her request will be rejected. She claimed that the Supercars officials may not approve her return to the Super2 development series. “I don’t think they would want me back,” Gracie told News Corp.

“The pressure I was under in the last couple of years was immense and I don’t really want to put myself through that. I don’t need that pressure because I have a career outside racing now. I will be doing it for enjoyment and fun. I have been watching the races and keeping up to date with it. I want to do it again because now I can do it on my own and I can afford to enjoy it.”

The two-time Bathurst 1000 competitor said she aspires to return to the single-make Carrera Cup series. Gracie previously has participated in 41 races at the Porsche competition and then shifted to the Supercars’ second-tier competition in 2015. Gracie’s talent came in front when she joined forces with Swiss racer Simona de Silvestro at Bathurst in 2015.

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Her family supports her decision

The former racer had revealed previously her dad knows about her work in adult film industry and “supports it”.

“I think you could say my Dad is actually proud because of the financial position I am in and what I have been able to do with the site. You look at what I have achieved not what I am doing, it has been a success,” she told Australia’s Daily Telegraph.

Feature Image Credit: Yahoo Sport Australia


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