Internet safety for women is key to their using the web for growth

Himanshu Sharma
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Whether you are at design school or at a business school, internet safety and women are a subject central to your career, business, social life and more. What is an internet? It's us. A global computer network which provides a variety of information and communication facilities uploaded mostly by people but may be disseminated by bots at times.


The internet is an amazing place for all those who want to explore new things and want to learn something interesting. But like the real world, it has its problems and issues. We are now connected to internet like neurons in a giant brain. Is internet really safe for all of us? Has it have made our life that easier as we think? There is that big issue of trolls and challenges. People do receive threatening messages through internet, people fear for their privacy because of hackers. We all need to take steps and abolish such negativity from internet. Let’s make internet a better place? The answer lies with us.

How can we create a better internet for ourselves and the next generation? Yes “we”, we are going to make the difference.We need to overcome problems like internet bullying and trolling.

As per the Indian laws and norms, Indian government has already banned adult sites, and restricted the age on adult video content. Cybercrime department is already working towards harassment and cyber stalking. But they need to make their internet infrastructure more strong for better precaution.

Internet safety women: In spite of all these precautions, people are still not safe on the internet. As better internet starts with us. We need to protect ourselves from all the negative effects of internet.

We can do it by not putting much information about us on the internet. By not letting anyone use our account or personal information, and by keeping our account private. And this measure should mainly be taken by women as they are much more vulnerable to cyber harassment.

  1. Create Complex Passwords
  2. Boost Your Network Security
  3. Use a Firewall
  4. Click Smart - Don't click on stuff without reading it.
  5. Share Selectively
  6. Practice Safe Surfing & Shopping
  7. Lookout for the latest scams, phishing scams

So if the internet is safe, we can consider internet as a beautiful place with huge positivity and a place for never ending explorations.

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Himanshu Sharma is a student of ARCH College of design, Jaipur and this effort is a part of Google India and SheThePeople initiative Digital Trust Dialogues across colleges in India.

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