#Startupmanthan: In-depth Discussion On Entrepreneurship

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At the Startup Manthan in Gurugram various entrepreneurs gathered to showcase and discuss their experiences with aspiring entrepreneurs. Contemporary founders held a discussion to guide the youth of the country. In this celebration of startup exposure, two-panel discussions were conducted.


Panel 1: Future of Women Entrepreneurship in India

The first panel focused on the future of women entrepreneurship in India. The participants Harsha Garg, founder and CEO of Wealth Gym, Meher Bhagat of Chick Who Digs and Ankita Jain of spoke about the future of women entrepreneurship in India.

Entrepreneurship is a Journey you walk alone

Harsha Garg explained that entrepreneurship is a journey that an individual chooses by themselves. It is a path they walk alone. She stated, “I started alone. It is a journey you walk alone. I joined Master minds groups to get training. Do get involved with such groups.  I received training to boost myself.”

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Real Journey is on the road


Harsha further emphasized on the fact that real journey can only be experienced on the road. She said,  "Until and unless one would do practical, there can be no outcome of the idea". Talking about it, Meher Bhagat stated that “nothing will come to you. You will have to go and grab it yourself.”

“Postponing will not translate into profits,” - Harsha Garg

 Repercussions of Delaying

Meher highlighted the repercussions of delaying. She asserts, “Now is what you do will be the future. Do not Delay in your future plans. No breaks, no ek saal bad. Waiting is a disease, dangerous disease. What we do right now will be the future.” She considers waiting as a 'disease' which hinders growth and development.

However, Ankita Jain, founder of, who started her business at the 22 asserted that while you must focus on 'now' but you must also have a desirable business plan. She said, “Don't do it just for the sake of doing it. Do your planning. A business plan is really important.”

Don't do it just for the sake of doing it. Do your planning. A business plan is really important. - Ankita Jain


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Women Face more Challenges

Harsha Garg spoke of how women have to struggle more since they don't have funds or property in their name. Ankita Jain, discussed how people question them about their marriage. She also highlighted how it is a belief that a woman will put their families above their careers.

Megha Bhagat said, “Future will be bright. It will increase. Women are more commitment.”

Talking about her journey, Harsha Garg spoke of how everybody was against her decision of taking the entrepreneurial plunge. She said, “Nobody approved of my decision. However, the same happened to MS Dhoni. So, Do it. Take the bold and courageous decision. But also, be prepared to fail. Without failure, there can be no success."

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Panel 2: Why Entrepreneurs still Struggle

The second panel discussed the causes why startups still suffer. The discussion included Jatin Ahuja of Big Boy Toyz, Deep Bajaj of PeeBuddy, Karan Primlani from MagicBricks and Vipul Sharma of ChqBook.

Jatin Ahuja, founder of BBT highlighted the significance of the practical implementation of an idea. He said, “You won't get an idea unless you work on it. Consultants can only consult.”

The idea is not important. How you apply it is important. - Jatin Ahuja

Further, while elaborating on the implementation of new ideas he said, “What matters is how you implement and take risks for your idea. The idea is not important. How you apply it is important.”

He added, "Every morning there is a new challenge that is called entrepreneurship. Problems will be different, but will always remain. If you can't solve it, you get out of the business."

Reminiscing about his journey, Deep Bajaj of PeeBuddy said that entrepreneurship is an expectation mismatch. He said that “Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey. You have to promise yourself to survive yourself through it.”

Deep believes that everybody is a mentor and Vipul Sharma of ChqBook stressed that an individual must be able to identify and judge by themselves. Both Deep Bajaj, Karan Primlani stressed that the time is now and one must not delay.

Vipul Sharma further discussed that there can be both good days and bad days. And the one choosing this field must readily accept it.

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