Brook Eddy’s Journey on the Path of Becoming a Tea Mogul

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Brook Eddy is the founder of Bhakti Chai. The single mother of twin boys founded Bhakti Chai after a trip to India in 2002. During her trip, she fell in love with the spicy chai tea. Her venture is projected 2018 revenue of seven million dollars.

Know how her Chai Business has turned her into a Millionaire:

A journey from Research of Bhakti to Bhakti Chai

Eddy visited India in 2002 to know more about the principles of Bhakti movement. Bhakti movement or devotion to social actions talks about the responsibility to contribute to the community. Even after returning home, she couldn’t forget the taste of fiery masala chai. And Finally, Bhakti Chai was born in the year 2006.

Brook formulated an original chai brew in Boulder, Colorado.

In India, Eddy fell in love with spicy homemade chai. However, her journey on the path to becoming a tea mogul was unexpected. Her love for chai led her to formulate an original chai brew in her hometown.

No Background in Manufacturing

Brook has a graduate degree in Social Policy and Non-Profit Management from the University of Michigan. She has been working for social change through nonprofits, businesses, and NGOs. Eddy’s experience was limited to small-scale catering. She had no prior experience in manufacturing. She gave up on her full-time job and took the entrepreneurial plunge.

“I’m a white girl born of hippie parents in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, and then raised in Michigan, right? I shouldn’t really have this pulse for India, but I do. I love the chaos and vibrancy. Every time I come I’m introduced to something new. It’s just real,” said Brook Eddy

From a hobby to a multi-product line 

Brook invented her own chai blend in her home kitchen in Colorado. Before inventing Bottles of Bhakti Chai, she gave her brew to family and friends as holiday gifts. She started her multi-product line with mere 16 employees.

She created her own recipe

Eddy’s love for Chai pushed her into the kitchen to make her own. She started by making a traditional chai recipe by adding flavors of fresh ginger and black pepper. It took her about four months in 2005 to hit on the right proportion for her tea.

“It was also hard because I felt alone for the first couple of years – but now I have a great team of employees, advisors, investor members and consultants which makes me feel more balanced and supported.”


Doubling Sales each year

Her determination has led her hobby to grow as a business which doubles its sales each year The divorced mother of twins manages equally to care for her kids and passion for Bhakti. Bhakti has projected 2018 revenue of seven million dollars.


She firmly believes that it is the team efforts that had helped Bhakti to grow. The team has put Bhakti on a growth path. It now makes chai ice cream as well as different beverages for both consumer and commercial channels. They have also launched a ready-to-drink line of products.

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Brook Eddy’s Journey on the Path of Becoming a Tea Mogul
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