The big leap: India US Entrepreneurship roundtable with female founders

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The India US Entrepreneurship roundtable for women powered by SheThePeople.TV in partnership with US Consulate Mumbai encouraged dialogue among women on going from inception to scale in business. It put the spotlight on challenges that vary from fund raising, finding an enabling environment and the need for mentors. The effort was put together as a follow up to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit to understand how women entrepreneurs across genres were putting innovation and digital at the heart of their businesses. “In the aftermath of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit there has been an energy among entrepreneurs to partner and grow. It was the endeavour of this round table to see how collaborations and ideas could be cemented,” said Shaili Chopra founder of SheThePeople.TV.


How hard is making the first leap - of starting up?

The round table had 25 women who represented sectors like payments, culinary, fashion, agriculture, media and some more. Women not only shared their struggles and successes they were forthcoming in discussing ways in which women can support each other and increase business opportunities.

Pooja Dhingra is on SheThePeople India US Women Entrepreneurship Roundtable - Pooja Dhingra

“Businesses no matter how big or small, have become a great opportunity for women. Entrepreneurship has opened new doors to businesses that didn’t exist earlier. It also empowers women to lead without having the baggage and construct of a traditional organisation. These things matter,” said Anjali Kirpalani, the moderator of the session.

How hard is making the first leap - of starting up? Raka Chakravarti who is the founder of Gourmet Delight added, “Being a woman has never inhibited me in starting a company, hiring employees, running it or seeking partnerships. I find that I am naturally inclined to partner with other women who have their own ventures, the way we seek to grow our business, our goals and our ideologies seem to match. I have found a lot of women heading very savvy business ventures. From the lady who supplies produce to me from her farms based in a remote rural area, to the smart urban girl who gave up a lucrative job in finance to start her own vegan business I find a lot of resonance with all these women.”

India US Women Entrepreneurship Roundtable India US Women Entrepreneurship Roundtable - Nabomita


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