Why entrepreneurship is a woman's biggest tool for empowerment

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Women entrepreneurship development is the biggest instrument of women empowerment says Swati Bhargava – Co-founder,


Empowerment leads to self-fulfilment and women become aware of where they are going, what their position is in the society and their status. Entrepreneurship not only brings economic stability but also empowers women in more ways. Any development strategy will be lop-sided without involving women who constitute half of the world population. Here are some reasons that make entrepreneurship an indispensable and perhaps the most potent tool for women empowerment.

Economic Growth & Freedom for Women

Entrepreneurship brings economic independence and soundness. This way of empowering women will make them independent and letting them break out of the role society has set for them. To achieve this, women need ample support from their family and partners so that they can devote enough time to their business. Once they receive this familial support, there will be no stopping them.

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Transforming Traditional Gender Roles

The gender roles in our society are set in stone and are tough to break. The stereotypical image of women as home makers, kitchen fixtures, doting mothers and economically non-productive members of society is fast changing. Women are now successfully negotiating family and work, finding support to explore their creativity, taking risks and nurturing sustainable enterprises.

Women who do break out of them set an example for the society which can then start warming up to the idea of a woman making work her priority. Once society begins to accept this, a wheel that is already turning, all the cogs of the society will shift and make it easier for women to step out of their homes and take on more challenging roles of founders and investors.

Creating a Woman Friendly Work Environment

A woman will indubitably create a workplace that is sensitive to the needs of other women. Such a workplace will attract more women thus making it an essential instrument for job creation for women. Thus, a woman entrepreneur not only empowers herself, but also all the other women who work for her organization. This way, one woman entrepreneur paves the way for several women to come forth and demand gender equality and better opportunities.


Making Business Decisions and Family Decisions

It is obvious that a woman who dares to step out into the unsure world of entrepreneurship will achieve a whole new level of confidence. She will be able to take decisions that impact her and the society. This newfound confidence and power will make her an essential part of the decision making in her own family. A woman entrepreneur not only strengthens her business acumen but also her stature and position back home.

The Power to Change the System

When there are more women in the business world, there can be reforms in policies and legal frameworks. Women can strive to achieve more rights such as land rights and build a business ecosystem that is favorable to women entrepreneurs. This will further encourage more women to follow the path of entrepreneurship to the sought after destination of empowerment.

Most importantly, female entrepreneurs become strong role models who can be looked up to by other women. The end result of a successful business run by a woman is therefore more jobs, more encouragement and more freedom for women all over the country.

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