Congress President Sonia Gandhi Likely To Shift Out of Delhi

Sources have not defined Sonia Gandhi's time of stay out of the Capital.

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Congress President Sonia Gandhi Likely To Shift Out of Delhi

Congress Interim President Sonia Gandhi is most likely to shift to Goa or Chennai from the National Capital. Amid the rising rate of pollution in Delhi, doctors have advised Sonia to avoid the heavy pollution given her chronic chest infection. Earlier this year on July 30, she had been hospitalised in Sri Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi. After her discharge in August, she had gone abroad with Rahul Gandhi for further treatment.


As a result, she had skipped the last Parliament session held under special conditions from September 14 to 23.

The air pollution in the Capital has had bad effects on Sonia Gandhi's chest infection. It has even aggravated her asthma. Doctors have put her on heavy medication since her discharge in August. Hence she has decided to briefly move out of Delhi.

After the Diwali celebrations, the air quality of the Capital has dropped. Natives are finding it very difficult to survive in this situation. Corona and the cold have aggravated the problems of the people living in Delhi.

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But her staying away from the Capital is going to affect a few decisions for the Party. In the wake of the Bihar election loss, Congress party leaders have raised a demand for introspection. Some of them even had written a letter to Sonia seeking an organisational overhaul.

This is not the first time the Congress president had shifted out of Delhi. In January last year, she had shifted to Goa for some time. Her pictures of cycling from there had gone viral on social media.

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