Sonia Gandhi on Hathras rape case : She wasn’t raped, she was murdered

sonia gandhi on hathras

In a video the Indian National Congress President came out with a strongly worded message questioning the state of governance in Uttar Pradesh and the despicable state of women’s safety in India. She asked for justice for the Hathras rape survivor. A 19 year old Dalit girl died after she was brutally gang-raped and injured. Gandhi’s statement noted that this case is another Nirbhaya for India. She added that this rape incident was a case of murder of a young daughter of India.

In terms of her political statement, Gandhi said, the current government in UP was to blame and that the murder was an outcome of its poor governance standards.

Sonia Gandhi’s message as well as the earlier video put out by Priyanka Gandhi, both questioned the manner in which this young girl was cremated. Reportedly the girl’s parents were not allowed to be part of the cremation and see their daughter’s face one last time. Videos, like the one posts by journalist shows that the police tried talking the parents out of it and at times even suggested that the rapists alone we not at fault.


Sonia Gandhi’s comments come at a time, Indian citizens and netizens asked, ‘where is Smriti Irani’ and made the hashtag trend. Irani is the Minister of Women and Child Development in India and experts expressed disappointment at her not speaking up directly on the issue of the Hathras rape case. The only thing she did do, was to retweet the tweet by Chief Minister of UP, Yogi Adityanath suggesting that a special investigations team would be appointed into the incident.