Sonia Gandhi to remain Congress Party’s Interim President for now

sonia gandhi, Farmer Protest Sonia Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi will continue as the Congress Party President and not step down. She says, “bygones are bygones.” After several discussions in the Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting today, it was decided that she will remain the interim president despite a recent uproar within the party seeking a ‘full time’ and ‘visible’ leadership.

The CWC meeting concluded after 7 hours, in which it was also decided that the new Congress chief will be elected within the next six months and Sonia Gandhi would remain the interim President. A letter signed by over 20 Congress members was leaked over the past few days which sought a renewed Congress Party with an active leadership. The explosive letter was aimed at Sonia Gandhi and asked for a more visible and active leader. It also called for honest introspection and suggested a collective leadership. Moreover, it demanded reforms of decentralisation of power, empowerment of state units and organisational elections at every level per Times of India.

In the past few months the party has seen the exit of Jyotiraditya Scindia citing lack of opportunities and growth for those in the Congress and even more recently Sachin Pilot had threatened to leave the party.

Sonia Gandhi after the party meeting said, she wishes no ‘ill-will’ towards her party members who asked for reforms within the party.

Sonia Gandhi reportedly told party members to begin deliberations to set in place a process to find her replacement. Gandhi’s announcement led to several statements in her support and sharp criticism of the letter writers. These were mainly by Rahul Gandhi, who also accused the ‘dissidents’ of collaborating with BJP.

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Sonia Gandhi reportedly said in her closing remarks that she held “no ill-will” towards anyone in the party, a remark intended at the dissent-letter writers. “I am hurt but they are my colleagues, bygones are bygones, let us work together,” she said, ending the Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting on a note of conciliation.

Alankrita Arora is an intern at SheThePeople