‘A Child Is Gone, Just Like That’ Netizens Mourn Queer Artist’s Loss

The news of Priyanshu Yadav's tragic passing has sparked an overwhelming response across the nation, inspiring individuals from all corners to come forward and share their own experiences and struggles related to similar issues.

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Pranshu Yadav

On social media, there's a mix of positivity like support, encouragement, and love, but unfortunately, it's also a space where insensitivity, hate, and cruelty thrive, particularly towards those openly identifying as queer. Tragically, Priyanshu Yadav, also known as Pranshu a talented queer teenager living with his single mother in the Ujjain district of Madhya Pradesh, experienced significant hate on social platforms due to his identity as an artist. This heartbreaking hostility ultimately led to his untimely passing.


The news of Priyanshu Yadav's tragic passing has sparked a profound response across the nation, inspiring individuals from all corners to come forward and share their own experiences and struggles related to similar issues. People from different backgrounds and regions have been moved by this heartbreaking event, feeling compelled to share their reactions.

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Actor and activist Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju wrote, "A child is gone. Just like that. So, so angry. How many more queer children do we lose? There was Arvey Malhotra (@aartimalhotra82’s son), today there is Pranshu, and tomorrow there will be more. What is the point of creating content, really, if the kids aren’t safe? Neither online nor offline? What has changed?"

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Masaba Gupta, the popular Indian fashion designer and actor, eloquently expressed her sorrow over the tragic loss of the 16-year-old due to relentless online harassment. She highlighted the harsh reality of our world—a place overshadowed by darkness and hostility, where individuals face constant shaming from nameless, faceless trolls simply because they don't conform to predetermined norms.

She wrote, "Nothing sweet about our surroundings anymore. We have been told to be open, to be free..come as we are..but this is still a reminder that everything is different but everything is the same. The exact same. Toxic. Nothing is real anymore. And what do we do? We carry on. One foot in front of the other like we mean it. and we don't bleed near sharks. We feed the algorithm and we try and stay alive."

Masaba Gupta

Actor and singer Sushant Divgikr, who was most recently seen in Thank You For Coming, wrote, "We are all collectively going to bring forward all these people who think they can anonymously sit behind a screen and a phone and say whatever they want without facing the repercussions! Spewing the venom they have within them! I feel sad for THEIR parents and what a sad and horrible upbringing that must’ve been! your passing is a reminder for all of us that together we stand strong and we need now more than ever, to remind each other that we are family and must stand with one another."

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Actor Ivanka Das, who was seen in Ghoomer also posted on Instagram.

A user recounted her own journey, sharing that several years ago, she faced a similar situation. However, she came to the realisation that simply taking a stand wouldn't solve things. She resolved within herself that she wanted to become a doctor more than anything else. In a few years, those who once bullied her began seeking her out. Now, she stands as a completely self-assured and confident individual.

Another user wrote, "People need to get themselves educated on these topics and wrap their minds around the fact that queer people exist and it is their right to do whatever they want to do. It doesn't take a lot of hard work to stop showing hate to others."

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