'I Lost My Only Child:' Mother Of Queer Artist Who Died By Suicide

Pranshu, a 16-year-old queer artist & student from Ujjain, faced relentless bullying on Instagram for over a week which escalated after their Diwali Reel went viral

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queer artist dies by suicide

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The mother of 16-year-old queer makeup artist Pranshu who was found dead, reportedly from hanging, on Tuesday, has called for strict action against online bullying. Pranshu, a 16-year-old queer artist and 10th-grade student from Ujjain, MP, took their own life on November 21. Prior to their tragic death, Pranshu faced relentless bullying on Instagram for over a week. The bullying escalated after their Diwali Reel, in which they wore a saree, went viral. This disturbing incident sheds light on the pervasive issue of online homophobia and the tragic consequences it can have on the lives of LGBTQIA+ individuals.


“My child was supremely talented. They did nothing wrong. I am proud of them,” said 44-year-old Preeti Yadav, a Medical Representative (MR), in an interview with The Quint.

"I lost my only child. I want to convey this to every parent- let your child choose what she/he/they want to become. Accept them as they are." she further added.


Bullying on Social Media

Pranshu's Diwali Reel received more than 4000 comments, many of which were homophobic in nature. Despite the prevalence of such hateful comments, many queer creators have hesitated to report them to Instagram due to the platform's repeated failure to take prompt and effective action.

Pranshu, a self-taught makeup artist, always encouraged their followers to embrace their true selves. Inspired by figures like Ella D' Verma, Pranshu responded to bullies with grace and flair. Their ability to stand strong against online harassment was admired by followers who praised them for their resilience.

Actor and activist Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju condoled the death of Pranshu and called out Instagram's safety guidelines, "A child is gone. Just like that. So, so angry. How many more queer children do we lose? What is the point of creating content, really, if the kids aren’t safe? Neither online nor offline? What has changed?"


Instagram's Failure to Protect LGBTQIA+ Users

‘The Ujjain Police, currently investigating Pranshu's death, have not found a suicide note. However, they have seized Pranshu's phone as part of the ongoing investigation. A closer look at Instagram's policies reveals that the platform may not be providing adequate protection for LGBTQIA+ users.’ says YesWeExistIndia on Instagram.

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An assessment by GLAAD has found that Instagram's policies contribute to an unsafe environment for LGBTQIA+ individuals. This revelation aligns with a broader concern about Meta's practices, as evidenced by a lawsuit filed by 33 US states against the company. The lawsuit alleges that Meta misled the public about the dangers of its platform, prioritising profit over the well-being and safety of minors. 

The Urgent Need for Collective Action

Hate crimes against LGBTQIA+ people rose by 70% from 2020 to 2021, signalling a concerning trend of increasing hostility. As the digital space becomes more hateful, it is crucial to recognise the severe impact of words on the mental health of individuals within the LGBTQIA+ community.

Pranshu's tragic loss is a stark reminder of the urgent need for action against online homophobia. The LGBTQIA+ community calls for collective care and radical solidarity in the face of tragedy. It is time for platforms like Instagram to prioritise the safety of their users and take meaningful steps to curb online harassment. 

No one should have to lose their life due to the corrosive effects of hate speech. This should be a call to action for everyone to stand against discrimination and create a more inclusive and supportive digital world.

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