Three sisters, ages 16, 14 and 13 from Indiranagar in UP, left their home after their parents told the eldest to give up her studies. The parents wanted her to take up some job to assist the family financially. The trio travelled to Sitapur, Lakhimpur, and Shahjahanpur. Eventually, the girls were recovered by police on Wednesday.

The eldest sister is a student of Class X and wants to study further. However, her parents asked to discontinue her education which is why she decided to leave the house.

Police said, “She had so strong bonding with her younger sister and her cousin that the moment she decided to leave home, they accompanied her. They left home on April 23 night on a bicycle with the younger ones riding pillion.”

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The parents informed the police and lodged an FIR at Indiranagar police station the next day.

In the complaint, they said that the father had asked his eldest daughter to discontinue education and take up part-time chores.

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After reaching to Sitapur, the girls ran short of cash, so they sold their bicycle. Then they travelled to Shahjahanpur by a local train and from there to Lakhimpur. Later, the girls took a train to Lucknow. They had boarded that train accidentally. Then, again, they decided to go to Sidhauli.

Indiranagar inspector Mukul Verma said, “They again decided to leave for Sidhauli and reached the Kaiserbagh bus stop where they were spotted by police.” The girls were sent for medical test and their statements have been recorded by the police.

Parents expressed their gratitude to the police for girls returning safely. The girls’ father had said that he will work hard. He promises that he will let his daughter continue her education.

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