New Education Policy To Focus On Teaching Girls

Ria Das
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The new National Education Policy (NEP) has been updated to focus on girls’ education, TOI reported. The idea is to strengthen public institutions in all matters related to traditional knowledge. Special attention will be given to language, sports and mathematics at the school level. To address the problem of inequality in regional subjects, a reform has been established to address such details.


In a country like India, most schools evaluate sports and other activities as extra-curricular or co-curricular. Soon, these will also be treated as main subjects. For higher education, the focus will be on affordability and access

After the detailed budget evaluation earlier this year, the government is focused on enhancing the scale of education policies in the country. Focusing mainly on rural areas, the plan is for a "modern education policy" for the country before the Modi government term ends in May 2019.

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A committee headed by former Isro chief K Kasturirangan has tabled the draft and will be presented to the Centre in March.

A human resource development ministry source said, "The draft is nearing completion. There has been a delay as many of the new schemes presented by this government were deliberated upon by the committee members while recommending the new education policy. The committee asked for an extension in December 2017."

According to a member of the committee, the NEP might skip these policies for private sectors. Also, the higher education institutions in regions are most likely to be beneficial. A member of the committee said, "The new policy is focused on doing away with inequality in education."


The NEP is likely to come into force from April 2019.

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