150 Sex Abuse Cases Against Delhi Police Staff, No Conviction Yet

Women Police Officers

It is ironic how the ones supposed to be curbing crimes against women can be perpetrating them as well. Since the past six years, around 150 Delhi Police staffers are reportedly facing charges of sexual harassment, rape, and molestation etc. What is more baffling is that none of these alleged criminals have faced punishment yet, Hindustan Times reported.

Among the complainants are also female police officers who complained against their seniors for misbehaving with them physically.

The other charges against the accused policemen include stalking, inappropriate touching and attempting “unnatural sex” with women who had come to the police station for help. These instances expose the atrocities some complainants go through while asking for help from the police. It also shows why there is a huge gender gap in the police system because even women officers go through sexual abuse from their seniors.

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HT’s investigation is based on the information they received from 38 of Delhi Police’s 45 departments under the Right to Information law. However, they said that the rest did not respond.

Among the complainants are also female police officers who complained against their seniors for misbehaving with them physically

“We take action with speed and certainty,” said Delhi Police spokesman Dependra Pathak. “We have institutionalised the process of gender sensitisation of police force and our vigilance department is proactive in such cases.”

The accused policemen come from four positions—constable, head constable, assistant sub-inspector and sub-inspector.

While the issue is grave and requires immediate action, Delhi Police has acted in only about 30% of the cases. The police force demoted the accused policemen by up to four years after departmental inquiries while the trials were going on. However, if these demoted or suspended employees win their court cases, they will get their jobs and dues back.

“The current system of police cannot tackle these cases of crime against women. A concerted effort by the government in building infrastructure for police agencies and strengthening and sensitizing them about these issues needs to be in place. The current lot does not have enough manpower and they do not know the nitty-gritty of these issues. They do not understand the issues of violence against women as we do. So they deal with these issues in the same patriarchal way as they would in their villages,” said Ravikant of Shakti Vahini in an earlier interview with SheThePeople.TV.

Picture credit- Matrabhoomi