Raftaar: Female Cops on Motorbikes To Patrol Delhi Roads Soon

Women Cops DU Scooter

Delhi Police is on its feet to provide additional safeguard for women in the city. The force is set to deploy a female motorbike squad on the streets of the National Capital. This decision came in foray after various reports pointed Delhi and adjoining areas as the worst places as far as women’s safety in public places is concerned, the Hindustan Times reported.

The patrol squad is called ‘Raftaar’ (meaning speed). The team consists specially trained female officers on 600 motorbikes. They will be deployed as watchdogs starting from December. Each motorcycle crew will have two officers on duty.

A Delhi Police spokesperson confirmed, “The bikes will patrol narrow lanes and act as the first responder in emergencies. The women-led patrolling bikes will be present in areas frequented by women,” said Dependra Pathak, chief spokesperson for Delhi Police.

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The women officers will have the facilities such as body cameras, helmet bullhorns, pepper spray, and Taser guns, alongside their standard-issue sidearms. They will be deployed to manage and response to rapid grown units patrolling the crowded, narrow streets of Delhi.

Furthermore, each motorbike will be GPS-enabled and will be connected with the central and district police control rooms.

The main reason behind the initiative is that in some neighborhoods, the lanes are small for a police car or van to enter or pass through. Therefore, if there’s a need to respond urgently, the officers on bikes can easily access the narrow roads.

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Till October 31, Delhi roads have reported approx 7,371 alleged cases of snatching, nearly 2,500 robberies, around 3,000 allegations of molestation and 553 cases of catcalling.

“Their movement will be monitored and riders will get an alert if they go beyond designated routes or territorial jurisdiction,” Pathak added. The police spokesperson also said the motorbikes will be patrolling public places such as universities, “where there are a lot of female students.”

The initial plan for the squad was to have an all-women team. “But the problem was the lack of women in the force with driving licences. Hence, the squad will now consist of 60% women cops, ” a police officer said.

According to a senior police officer, 200 police women have already started training in high-speed motorcycle riding.

“I train them for one hour each in the morning and evening at a nearby stadium and on roads with light traffic. A few of them already know how to ride scooters,” said Shushila, a constable from the Maurice Nagar police station.

 We wish them good luck.

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