Finally Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Embraces Social Change!

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Saudi Arabia appears to be slowly working towards a different era of modernity, and equality. The recent developments on the path of modernity and creating some major reforms both socially and economically has been welcomed by rest of the world.


The New Year came with some of path-breaking decisions bringing in social change for the Arab Kingdom. We bring you some of the milestones that the country has witnessed so far:

Working Towards Gender Equality

Saudi Arabia got its first car showroom for women in Le Mall in Jeddah. Launched in January 2018, the remarkable thing about it is only women employees are running the showroom.

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Saudi Arabia took a big leap to bring in gender equality in the corporate world. It allowed women to start their own business, without the authorization from  a male guardian.

Vision 2030


For the first time, Saudi Arabia has opened submissions for women to join the military. These initiatives are a part of Crown Prince Bin Salman Al Saud’s Vision 2030. His plans also include modernizing the Saudi Economy.

Saudi passport directorate opened jobs at Saudi Airports. Saudi Airports opened about 140 job application for women in air traffic control. King Salman said that women will be allowed to drive as of June 2018.

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Major Changes in Privacy Issues

Recently, the Gulf country even announced major changes with an aim to enhance cybersecurity. Now, spying on your spouse’s phone will be a violation of privacy and a criminal offense. And the guilty person will have to compensate with a heavy fine or a year in jail.

First Cinema


After almost 35 years of the ban, the Arab nation will reopen its movie halls. The first cinema will open on April 18 in Riyadh. Further, it is being said that approximately, 40 cinemas can be expected across 15 Saudi Arabian cities in the next five years.

Since 2017, Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman has been working hard. Also, there have been some major implementations in Saudi Arabia under his rule.

Finally, it can be said that Saudi Arabia is moving on the road of change.

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Deepali is an intern with SheThepeople.TV

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