Renee Opens Up About Sushmita Sen’s Current Relationship, Says They Are ‘Having The Most Amazing Time’

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Actress Sushmita Sen’s daughter, Renee Sen has recently opened up about her life with mother Sushmita and her boyfriend Rohman Shawl, whom she calls “uncle”. She shared that the Sen family is still learning about Shawl and “his culture, his family.” The 21-year-old said that he is friendly, dependable and a loving person, but he can also be strict, which is good for “four of them”. Shawl is a model.

“We could be doing nothing and having the most amazing time!” revealed Renee, who recently debuted with a short film Suttabaazi. Talking about the film, in an interview, she said, “Suttabaazi happened all of a sudden.”

Sushmita, who turned 45 in November, adopted Renee when she was just 24. She brought her up as a single parent and went on to adopt her younger daughter, Alisah, in 2010. Talking about her decision in an interview, the actor had said, “In the natural birth, the mother and the child connect through the umbilical cord but in adoption, the mother and the child are connected by this higher power, a connection that you cannot cut off. I have had the privilege of experiencing it twice. To become a mother who has given birth from the heart. I have not missed a day of feeling the joy of motherhood.”

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Last year, Sushmita had openly expressed her emotions out loud and wrote “I love you” for Shawl.

Renee on Sushmita Sen's relationship

Picture credit: Instagram/ Sushmita Sen

Soon in one of the Instagram stories, he wrote: “So you expect your partner to treat you right because you are in a relationship with them? If someone doesn’t treat you right and you are still with them then it is your fault,” while another story read: “So you feel you are doing too much in a relationship and your partner isn’t reciprocating…”

Sushmita Sen on dating a younger guy

Sushmita, who recently made her acting comeback with the web series Aarya, had earlier said, “I am not one of those romantics who believe I need a man to complete me and I need this and that. I never felt like that in my life. Thank God for it because I believe only two-piece can make romance. Half and half don’t make a romance. I knew in my heart of hearts, that I was going to have the most incredible romance that would be a manifestation from many bucket lists. I usually don’t put conditions on things because I believe things happen at the right time and they help you to grow and then they move away. That’s part of life. But somethings you wish to stay and grow with you. So I was like come on come on it’s time to experience that.”

Talking about the 15-year age gap between her and her boyfriend, she had revealed, “And that I would find it on Instagram. I didn’t know that he would turn out to be a very evolved person for someone 15 years younger. Shallows don’t work for me, it has to have depth. It has been beautiful. Me, him, my kids, we make a team.”

Renee on Sushmita Sen's relationship

Sushmita and Shawl have been dating for some time, and with her daughters Renee and Alisah, the couple had spent the lockdown together in wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Currently, Renee is spending time with her family of four in Dubai.

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