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Sushmita Sen Opens Up About Her Battle With Addison’s Disease

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Former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen recently revealed that she had struggled with a chronic illness in the past and survived. Sharing the emotional story about fighting against Addison’s disease, she wrote a post on social media talking about how she fought against the “dark times” for four years.

“After I was diagnosed with an Autoimmune condition called Addison’s disease in September 2014, it left me feeling like, I had no fight left in me…A fatigued body filled with immense frustration & aggression,” the Bollywood actress revealed.

Key Takeaways:

  • Actress Sushmita Sen recently made a revelation that she was diagnosed with a chronic illness called Addison’s Disease in 2014.
  • She wrote an emotional post on social media, detailing the tough ordeal she had to go through.
  • The dark circles under my eyes can’t even begin to explain the dark times I endured for 4 long years: Sushmita

Usually considered as one of the fittest and the healthiest stars in Bollywood, Sushmita further wrote, “The dark circles under my eyes can’t even begin to explain the dark times I endured for 4 long years.  To have steroids substitute cortisol & to live with its innumerable side effects took its toll. There is NOTHING more tiring than to live with a chronic illness.”

What Causes Addison’s Disease?

Addison’s Disease occurs from a problem with the adrenal glands. It is triggered by primary adrenal insufficiency. Your body doesn’t produce enough or produces too little cortisol and aldosterone and the immune system of the body attacks the adrenal glands. A sudden appearance of signs of Addison’s disease can lead to acute adrenal failure and that can be life-threatening.

Other Famous People Diagnosed with Addison’s Disease

Jane Austen, the beloved author, died in 1817 at the age of 41. She was diagnosed with Addison’s disease. President John F. Kennedy was diagnosed with Addison’s disease in 1947 at the age of 30.

Twenty-six years ago, Sushmita stunned the world and put India’s name on the world map. Sen won the first Miss Universe crown in 1994 — the first time an Indian brought home the title.

Remember her winning answers:

Since then, she’s surely earned fame in the industry. The unmarried actress adopted a baby girl (Renee) at a time when women were just beginning to take control over their rights to be independent in this male-dominated world. The news of her adopting a child made big headlines.

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Being a single mother, she enjoyed motherhood immensely and a few years later, she adopted another baby girl, Alisah.


Self-love is the answer

Most recently, in an interview with her daughters on YouTube, Sen spoke about how to endure self-love after a heartbreak. She said, “That has been an excellent learning in life. When your heart breaks, you feel it like anybody else. It doesn’t matter if you are famous or a student; if your heart breaks, it breaks.”

She further added, “When you are younger, it is more and more difficult for you to express it with control. It just comes out like one saga of emotions out of control and then you are shattered and in bed and depressed and the whole world is falling apart. Some even play the guitar. You feel sorry about everything. As you start to get a little older, and if you are driven by a purpose in life, a purpose far greater than just…your whole world is a romance, your existence is a romance. You have to love yourself. Some of us learn that early, some take time.”

“But the only thing that will matter is how quick you can pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back to self-love and doing what needs to be done to move forward. That comes when your life has purpose.”

The beauty ambassador has donned many hats alongside being a single mother. Apart from having worked in some notable movies, she has walked the ramp and started businesses owner.

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