Punjab: Pregnant Doctor Continues To Work Among COVID-19 Patients

Punjab Pregnant Doctor ,pregnant punjab doctor
Punjab Pregnant Doctor: A pregnant doctor is still serving her duties as a doctor while working among COVID-19 patients at a hospital in Jalandhar. She talked about her will to serve on duty during her pregnancy in an interview.

As the country is hit hard with a surging number of COVID-19 cases, many women are finding ways to contribute to the bigger picture. The newest example is Dr Richa Chatrath.

Dr Chatrath is from Jalandhar, Punjab who is currently pregnant. Yet, instead of sitting at home, she is working in the frontline among COVID-19 patients. When asked about working in her pregnancy, she said, “I am taking all precautions & following a good diet. I want to enjoy my pregnancy. I am not sick.”

Similar examples across the country

On Wednesday, a heartbreaking video of a pregnant doctor who passed away due to COVID-19. Late Dr Dimple Arora Chawla was seven months pregnant. Two weeks before her demise, she lost her unborn baby due to COVID-19. A video recorded by Dr Chawla was shared on Twitter by her husband.

Chawla says in her video message. “I really want to tell each and everyone who knows me, please don’t take corona so lightly. Very bad, very bad symptoms. I am not able to speak… Please wear mask… for your near ones’ and dear ones’ safety.”

Another example is DSP Shilpa Sahu who is five months pregnant from Dantewada in Bastar, Chhattisgarh. In her viral video, the officer is seen monitoring the streets and making sure that the COVID-19 protocols are followed by all. She has a lathi in her hand and is performing her duties under the scorching sun. DM Awasthi, Director of General of Police in Chattisgarh called her an asset to the Police as she is still working even at this stage.

Picture Credits : ANI