"Not Able To Speak": Pregnant Doctor Succumbs To COVID-19, Leaves A Parting Video Message

Pregnant doctor dies of COVID-19 and leaves behind final words of precaution. Vaccination for pregnant mothers hasn't yet begun in India.

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Who Is Dr Dimple Chawla, pregnant doctor dies of covid

Pregnant doctor dies of COVID-19: In a heartbreaking video going viral on the internet, a pregnant doctor shared her last words of precaution with the world some days prior to her death from the coronavirus. Identified as Dr Dimple Arora Chawla, the deceased was seven months pregnant.


Chawla, a Delhi-based dentist, had tested positive for the virus on April 11, as per her husband. They lost their child after two weeks. Tragically, she lost her own life a day later on April 26.

In the aftermath of her death, her husband posted a video of her online, alongside the news of their demise.

"I lost my pregnant wife and our unborn child to covid," he wrote on Twitter. "She breathed her last on 26/4/21 and our unborn child a day earlier. She got covid positive on 11/4 and even during her suffering she had made the above video on 17/4 warning others not to take this covid lightly."

See the viral video below: 

Pregnant Doctor Dies Of COVID-19, Final Words Of Precaution Go Viral

"I am making this video with great difficulty," Chawla says in her video message. "I really want to tell each and everyone who knows me, please don't take corona so lightly. Very bad, very bad symptoms. I am not able to speak... Please wear mask... for your near ones' and dear ones' safety."


Chawla was admitted to hospital on April 21 after her oxygen levels dipped, as per her husband. She was administered remdesivir and plasma therapy, but her life couldn't be saved.

Speaking to NDTV, he said, "It was in her innate nature to inform people about what precautions they can take... It was her message and you should be wearing a mask not just for yourself but for the elderly or pregnant women... I just want people to know about it."

In India, vaccination for pregnant persons, though deemed a "high-risk" group, hasn't yet begun. Clinical trials for the vaccines did not include the population of pregnant and lactating mothers and the health ministry has categorised them 'contraindicated' at present. More here.

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