Video Of Pregnant DSP Shilpa Sahu Enforcing COVID-19 Lockdown In Chhattisgarh Goes Viral

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Pregnant DSP on duty: Between the grim reality of a flailing healthcare system and an online support community for emergencies, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought out both the best and worst in society. As millions of lives stand affected by lockdowns and curfews, a million stories emerge. Ones that raise questions, ones that deposit hope, ones that compel us to turn inwards for introspection.

A video of one such incident has surfaced from Dantewada in Bastar, Chhattisgarh, where a lockdown has been imposed in view of rising coronavirus cases. Deputy Superintendent of Police Shilpa Sahu, five months pregnant with lathi in hand, can be seen monitoring the streets to ensure COVID-19 protocol is being followed.

Videos and photos of the pregnant DSP have gone viral on social media, with many lauding Sahu for keeping duty above all. DM Awasthi, Director General of Police in Chhattisgarh, wrote on Twitter, “She is working even at this stage… She has done outstanding work in naxal operations too… My heartiest appreciation for her. She is an asset of Chhattisgarh police!”

Watch Shilpa Sahu on duty below: 

Praises Pour In For Pregnant DSP On Duty; But Netizens Raise Questions Too

Sahu is being showered with praise online, but several have raised questions too, around a woman having to work in the scorching heat when pregnant. Some have also shown concern for Sahu moving out and about for duty in her condition, especially as COVID-19 takes a toll on Chhattisgarh.

As of April 21, 8:00 am, Chhattisgarh recorded a rise of 15,625 cases. Our COVID-19 coverage here. 

“This is wrong. She should not be doing this. Is she being made to do this?? With all due respect instead of praising she should be advised to have leave,” one user wrote.

“A pregnant DSP Shilpa Sahu would not even need to do such duty if all the people would follow their lockdown rules well,” another wrote.

Another viral video earlier this year had garnered similar reactions when a traffic cop in Chandigarh executed her duties while carrying her baby in her arms. She was reportedly asked if she wanted to take leave, but she refused, choosing to continue with work. Though many lauded her commitment, shortcomings in the system to facilitate working mothers were pointed out.