Patralekhaa’s Boyfriend Rajkummar Rao Shows How Equality Works

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Actor Patralekhaa’s boyfriend Rajkummar Rao has subtly shown the world how a woman’s identity goes beyond her famous partner. The couple has always been open and accepting about their relationship and is always spotted together posing for pictures. Recently, a news daily tweeted the couple’s photographs, but instead of tagging Patralekhaa, or calling her an actor, they addressed her as Rao’s girlfriend. The tweet would have gone unnoticed, had the actor not taken it upon himself to gently point out where the daily went wrong.

The daily apparently failed to check that the lady in question holds a verified Twitter account of her own

However, Rao took it upon himself to not only tag Patralekhaa but turn the tables and showcase how partnership is all about equality.

The Twitteratti has appreciated Rao’s sweet gesture



It is amusing that in the year which started on a strong note of feminism, a daily chose to reduce a professional to just a popular actor’s girlfriend.  However, this is not an isolated incident where patriarchal dictates have been used to push a woman, and force her to walk one step behind her man.

It is always difficult for women to carve out their individual identity. Women have to work twice as hard as men, for equal pay and success. But the recognition and respect they command becomes even more distant when they get into a relationship. Patriarchy reduces us to being wives, fiancés or girlfriends, especially if our partner is doing better or same as us in professional life.

Why does a woman have to be a Kareena Kapoor, Vidya Balan or Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, to be able to retain her professional and personal identity?

So what if Patralekhaa has just two films and a web series to her credit? She has a verified Twitter account, considerable fan following and a Wiki page to her name. If this is not enough to give a woman her own identity, then I don’t know what is.

We need more men like Rajkummar Rao

In a very subtle tweet, Rajkummar Rao did what most men don’t bother to. They either lack the intent or the courage required to stand for the women in their life. She deserves the fame and respect she has earned, and no newspaper, magazine, social dictate has the right to take that away from her. But she needs the backing of the man in her life.

After all, it isn’t the scale of achievements that matters. It is all the hard work and dedication that goes into achieving those goals which should be celebrated. The world would be a better place, and a balanced one, if more men show empathy for the cause of gender equality and relevance of female identity. Our battle is half won when we have the support of our loved ones. The rest of world, and its archaic notions can be brought down when we combine our forces.

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