Lucknow Woman Interrogated, Claims She Slapped Cab Driver In "Self Defence"

The woman, Priyadarshini Narayan Yadav, has accused the cab driver, Saadat Ali Siddiqui, of trying to run her over. The Lucknow Police is yet to arrest her.

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Police serves notice to Lucknow woman: Police have served a notice to the Lucknow woman, Priyadarshini Narayan Yadav, who was caught on camera publicly assaulting a cab driver following an altercation. An FIR has been registered against her and police are yet to arrest the young woman. The video of Yadav slapping a cab driver, Saadat Ali Siddiqui, went viral on Twitter a few days ago, leading to outrage and demands of strict action against her.

In the 2.15-minute-long viral video, the woman was seen slapping a cab driver in the middle of a road at Lucknow city’s Kesari Kheda traffic crossing while a traffic officer tried to stop her. She was interrogated by police for two hours on Sunday after being served notice and alleged that she had been harassed by multiple commuters while moving on the road. The woman's actions also led to a massive traffic jam at the crossing.

Both Yadav and Siddiqui have now filed complaints against each other. The cabbie, who spent 28 hours in jail post the incident, was also summoned on Monday to explain his side of the story. He said that on the night of the incident, the woman came in front of his car, even though the traffic light was green but he immediately hit the brakes, after which she started pushing against the car. He had earlier said that he wants justice, asking to know why the police have not been able to arrest her yet. Meanwhile, Yadav said that she acted in self-defence. She also added that there was a red light that night when the car almost crashed into her. Following this incident, she allegedly broke the driver's phone and hit him. Read more about the case here.

The incident captured on a CCTV shows the woman first walking over the pedestrian crossing in a risky manner and most vehicles shown in the concerned segment of the video were jumping the red signal. Moments later she approached Siddiqui and began aggressively charging at him even before he got out of the cab.

Meanwhile, in another old video, which went viral as well, Yadav could be seen fighting with her neighbours, arguing over painting the wall of their house black. In the video, she was heard urging a police official to order the neighbour to repaint their house to something "anti-black" as it attracts "international drones", thus, putting the lives of the people living in the neighbourhood in danger.

In an interview, the 28-year-old woman claimed that the people present at the scene were merely watching the incident unfold and no one tried to help her. “Should the girl not even protect herself when rest of the people have become mute spectators?” she questioned. On the other hand, the cab driver said that on the night of the incident, the woman came in front of his car and he thought she was a policewoman in casual clothes. "I started apologising without any fault. But she slapped me more than 20 times without stopping." He alleged that she also took his money and damaged his car. “I am also asking the police as to why she has not been caught till now when the CCTV footage clearly shows what happened,” he said.


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