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Viral Video: Bride Enjoys Golgappe At Wedding, Netizens React

Bride Enjoys Golgappe
A video of a bride eating gol gappe on her wedding day is going viral on the internet. Her friend is helping her in eating them by holding her plate. The bride can be seen relishing the tasty snack. Bride Enjoys Golgappe

Here’s the Instagram link of the video.

“Yummy πŸ˜‹πŸ˜ struggle of a bride when she love pani puri πŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ˜…” is the caption of the post put out by an Instagram handle that goes with the name witty_wedding. Around 28 thousand people have watched the video till now. One user called the bride cute while another said that one should never say no to pani puri.

Indian weddings seem to have become the breeding ground for viral videos. A few days ago, a video showed a groom working on his laptop on his wedding day and his wife laughing at this bizarre situation. It has been watched more than 1 million views. Here is the video.

Another video was shared on Instagram where a bride could be seen throwing a sweet at the groom because he was hesitating to eat it and causing unnecessary delay in the whole thing. The bride grew impatient and threw the sweet at him in front of all the invitees. Read more about this.

In a another one breaking the internet, a bride seemed to be playing kabaddi with her husband during the jaimaala ceremony. Shared by a journalist based in Uttar Pradesh, the video shows how she could be spotted playing a game like kabaddi to evade her husband from putting the garland around her neck. This is a part of a ritual in Indian weddings but the users commented that the bride took it very seriously. Read the full story here.

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