Twelve-year-old Noida Girl Books Flight For Three Migrant Workers

Niharika Dwivedi

When 12-year-old Niharika Dwivedi saw the struggles of migrant labourers in order to reach their homes amid COVID-19 crisis, she donated her savings of Rs 48,000 for the cause. This Noida-based girl donated money from her piggy bank to arrange flight tickets for three Jharkhand migrant labourers, including a cancer patient, ANI reported.

She said that “watching news channels and struggle of these people have inspired” her to contribute the money to the three workers. She is happy that she could lend a helping hand in sending them to their home state.

The migrant workers are the most vulnerable in the country right now. Jobless and hungry, they are walking and taking every possible chance they get to return to their homes. In such a situation, initiatives from the citizens have come as a relief for many of them. Niharika has shown us how easy it is to be a humanitarian with so little you have. “Society has given us so much & it is our responsibility to pay back to it in this crisis,” she was quoted as saying by the news agency ANI.

What You Should Know:

  • Twelve-year-old girl from Noida girl supported the labourers (including a cancer patient)  to return to Jharkhand.
  • Niharika Dwivedi gave away her savings of Rs 48,000 to book the flight tickets for the three migrant workers.
  • “Society has given us so much & it is our responsibility to pay back to it in this crisis,” she told ANI

Working towards a good cause and following the example of social work by actors like Sonu Sood and others, this class VIII student from Noida donated the money she had collected for the last two years.

“Watching news channels and struggle of these people have inspired me to help migrant labourers in reaching home. They have contributed so much in society and it is our responsibility to help them in this crisis. I had collected 48,530 from my pocket money and I used it to help these three people out of which one is a cancer patient,” Niharika told ANI.

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Why did she donate money from the piggy bank?

A proud mother, Surbhi Dwivedi, supported her daughter’s work and said, “We had been noticing that she used to get sad whenever she watched news about labourers. One day she saw an airplane and asked us if we can send needy people by flight? She gave us her piggy bank and said I want to help labourers and we were proud and happy to hear that from our 12-year-old daughter.”

She further added, “We enquired and found out from our common friends about three migrants who wanted to go back to their homes. One of them is a cancer patient. We arranged for flight tickets and sent them home.”

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Feature Image Credit: ANI

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