Bilaspur: 72-Year-Old Beggar Woman Donates Rice, Sarees & Cash To Needy

“I understand the hunger pangs. I began begging more to arrange whatever possible for these needy and helpless people. No one should sleep hungry."

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Beggar Woman Donates Rice

A 72-year-old widow Sukhmati Manikpuri begs to support her two granddaughters — Raj Lakshmi and Shristi. At ages 16 and 10 both, the girls go to a government school. A resident of Bilaspur district, Sukhmati, who barely survives with the meagre money she makes, has impressed locals and officials with her generosity. She donated one quintal of rice, around a dozen sarees and some cash to the needy people. Sukhmati lost her husband 12 years ago, and thus started begging since then.


Key Takeaways:

  • A 72-year-old widow Sukhmati Manikpuri, a resident of Bilaspur, begs for a living and donated her ration to the needy persons in the area.
  • She has two granddaughters who go to a government school. She has donated one quintal rice, a dozen sarees and some cash for the needy.
  • During this trying moment, we should help each other: Sukhmati Manikpuri

Bilaspur district is located around 125 km east of Chhattisgarh where this septuagenarian survives on begging. She distributed her stuff in charity despite the additional responsibility of bringing up granddaughters. “I have been witnessing the agony of the needy amid lockdown. I myself eke out a living by begging and donated whatever I could arrange to a corporator of the Bilaspur municipal corporation. During this trying moment we should help each other”, the humanitarian said, The New Indian Express reported.

Dr Sanjay Alang, the Bilaspur district collector, applauded her gesture saying, “While many facing a tough time to combat deadly COVID-19 outbreak, Sukhmati’s act epitomizes an exceptional open-hearted generosity in the name of humanity.”

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Why did she donate her ration?


Sukhmati the good Samaritan revealed the reason behind donating a quintal of rice which won our heart. “I understand the hunger pangs. I began begging more to arrange whatever possible for these needy and helpless people. No one should sleep hungry”, she stated.

In her selfless act, she got in touch with the corporator Vijay Kesharwani of her area and handed over the rice and clothes she got begging. She doesn't want anyone to sleep hungry.

“I was deeply moved. Living a poverty-ridden life and taking care of two granddaughters, she showed a strong determination to assist others during the crisis,” he said. She is the sole breadwinner in the family of three and most days they struggle to overcome their financial challenges. Kesharwani promised to bear all educational expenses of the two girls.

After losing her husband almost 12 years ago, Sukhmati had to find a way to survive so she started begging. She took up the responsibilities of the two girls when they lost their father a few years ago, their mother left both and got married to someone away from Bilaspur.

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Feature Image Credit: The New Indian Express


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