This Chennai Woman Eats Once A Day To Feed Her 13 Dogs

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Not everybody thinks of showing kindness and compassion towards animals when the world is facing a crisis. Very rarely, a good Samaritan like A. Meena comes along. Meena is a household cook in Chennai and she has been taking care of her 13 dogs by feeding them regularly, showcasing a true picture of unconditional love. She lives in a house situated in the Mylapore area of the city. Due to a shortage of food in lockdown, Meena eats once a day to make sure that her dogs are well fed and stay safe during this pandemic.

According to a TOI report, Meena shares a two-room house with her dogs for the last 21 years. Before the lockdown she asked for some advance salary and stocked up rice and dog food.

“I felt very awkward asking my owners for a salary advance. But I was lucky. Two house owners gave two months,’ salary in advance. They knew that I have a family of 13 dogs to take care of,” said Meena.

Key Takeaways:

  • To ensure her dogs have enough to eat, Chennai-based Meena eats only once during the day and saves the rest for her 13 dogs.
  • Meena works as a cook and has been living with all her dogs in a two-room house for the last 21 years. Before the lockdown, she stocked up rice and dog food.
  • Being a dog lover, Meena also used to feed stray dogs outside her house.

Meena ensures her dogs are eating properly every day so whatever she gets for herself she gives it to her dogs too.

She further added, “I am not very fond of food. Whatever I get I share with my dogs. But now I must be a little careful. I eat once a day and I save the rest for my dogs.”

She also loves to feed the stray dogs and before the lockdown, she used to distribute food among them. She said, “I used to feed a lot of dogs outside as well. But now it is difficult for me to feed them every day. So some come to my house in search of me, but my ‘guys’ (her dogs) won’t let them in. I will try to find a solution for this soon.”

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Meena is now eagerly waiting for the situation to ease up. Having these companions at home, her limited food stock will soon get over so she wants to replenish the stocks and make it last for herself and her dogs. “Some NGOs have given me rice and dog food. I can manage with that but not for long. The current situation will change soon. Let us hope for the best,” she said.

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