Woman Uses Chicken Blood To Frame Businessman Of Sexual Assault

Mumbai woman accused of faking injuries and framing a businessman for sexual assault using chicken blood, as part of an elaborate extortion scheme involving three accomplices. Legal proceedings are underway to bring justice to the victim.

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Image credits: Omlet

Image credits: Omlet

In a shocking turn of events, a Mumbai woman stands accused of using chicken blood to stage injuries while leveling false accusations of sexual assault against a 64-year-old businessman at a local hotel. 

According to a recently filed chargesheet by the police, Monica Bhagwan, alias Dev Choudhary, employed this deceitful tactic to smear the businessman's reputation and extort a staggering sum of Rs 3 crore from him, with the aid of three accomplices.

The comprehensive chargesheet, compiled by Unit 10 of the Crime Branch City Police, elucidated the roles of Monica's three cohorts as Anil Choudhary, alias Akash, Lubna Wazir, alias Sapna, a renowned fashion designer, and jeweller Manish Sodi. 

This revelation followed a complaint filed by a businessman from Kolhapur in November 2021, who detailed how a gang of four individuals had ensnared him in a honey trap, extracting a sum of Rs 3.25 crore from him at a hotel in the city. The victim alleged that the accused continued to torment him with a video and demanded an additional Rs 2 crore.

According to police sources cited in a report by The Times of India, the sordid incident traces its roots back to 2017, when Anil and Sapna deliberately cultivated a friendship with the unsuspecting businessman, meticulously gathering information about his assets. 

Their sinister plan gradually took shape as they conspired to blackmail him and extort a substantial amount of money.

The plot reached its climax in 2019 when the businessman was staying at a luxurious five-star hotel in Mumbai. At this juncture, Monica claimed that the businessman had made an unwarranted sexual advance towards her. 


Sapna, her trusted accomplice, cunningly recorded a video of a staged scuffle between Monica and the businessman, providing supposed evidence of the alleged assault.

However, the walls began to close in on Monica when she was apprehended in June 2022 as part of an ongoing investigation. The arrest unveiled a web of deception and unveiled the chicken blood deception, further exposing the extent of her manipulation.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the accused face charges of extortion, conspiracy, and orchestrating a false assault claim. Authorities are actively pursuing justice for the victim and are determined to dismantle this intricate criminal network.

The case has sent shockwaves through Mumbai's legal and social fabric, raising concerns about the abuse of trust and the potential misuse of false accusations. 

The accused are now awaiting trial.


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