Can Elon Musk And Tucker Carlson For Once Stop Being Misogynist?

Elon Musk Tucker Carlson conversation during an interview on Fox upset many viewers as the two were seen discussing their urge to impregnate more and more women to increase population.

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elon musk tucker carlson conversation
The Fox host Tucker Carlson recently interviewed leading entrepreneur and Tesla chief Elon Musk. The interview had two parts in which the two talked about various things including some absolutely problematic opinions on impregnating women all over the world. Here's how it went.

You must have come across those innumerable random podcasts on Instagram where a group of teenage boys would sit and talk absolute nonsense about opinions that don't matter and about issues concerning women that they have no clue about. Tucker Carlson and Elon Musk's conversation on Fox seemed like a large-scale version of such a ridiculous podcast where two popular males in their field of work discussed how they want to impregnate every woman on Earth to manage the collapse in population.

The entire conversation was misogynistic, patriarchal, insensitive, and impractical as they ignored human rights and population crises around the world.

Elon Musk Tucker Carlson Conversation

Musk is known for his breeder kinks. The father of 10 children has often been seen talking about how important it is for people to have more children because the population will collapse at this rate. He has even offered to donate his sperm to women worldwide so they can give birth to business geniuses like him. The man again brought up the topic and reportedly said that having sex without the intention of procreation is absurd.

He totally disregarded the issue of population growth, poverty, lack of basic facilities for a large number of people and unemployment and said that the population crisis is non-existent.

One of the most frowned upon statements on which both Musk and Carlson agreed was impregnating women and creating children as much as possible. He not only reduced women to mere reproducing creatures but also disregarded how difficult it is to raise children today.


The man said that there was a lack of people in the corporate world and yet when he took over Twitter, he fired a fair number of female employees and left them jobless. So basically he wants to create more men like him rather than utilising the potential of the female population by training them. He wants women to be pregnant and jobless which is an immensely primitive idea being preached by a 21st-century leader.

He condemned the idea of the LGBTQIA+ community fighting for their rights and called it a threat to the population. Clearly, the man only believes in procreating and if he could, he would convince all his employees to have as many children as possible to maintain their job and measure their calibre and position by the number of kids they had. Since he could not do so, the man is trying to contribute to the population alone by giving birth to more children. The problematic thing is that such an absurd conversation was aired on a public platform and was heard by people around the world.

A leading businessman promoting patriarchy publicly and disregarding human rights is misleading and bound to negatively impact viewers. Such people who regard women as nothing but reproduction machines should be condemned at all levels. The man called abortion and contraceptives absurd, disregarding a woman’s choice to give birth.

Not everyone wants to have a child with every person they have sex with, not everyone can afford to have a child because of the financial burden and not everyone wants to have kids. Just because you can give birth doesn't mean you must. That is a choice and no one can deny a woman the decision of what she wants to do to her body.

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