What’s The Deal With Kylie Jenner’s Low-Pressure Shower, Ask Netizens

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Believe it or not, the current point of contention on the internet is Kylie Jenner‘s shower. Yes. Blame it on the ennui stemming from a year of living with the coronavirus or on the all-consuming silly celebrity obsessions that make up our time on social media, but the 23-year-old giving followers a glimpse into her luxe bathroom has backfired terribly on her. Netizens have found reason to be irked by the seemingly low-pressure showerhead in her exorbitantly priced mansion. Simply because they expected better of the young billionaire.

Among the most random things that celebrities on social media can get trending, Jenner’s shower probably tops the list. The Kardashian-Jenner clan, known for their unabashed wealth display on Instagram, has always presented a Sophie’s choice: we love punching them up, and yet, we have an itch to continue looking at their obscene riches. For instance, Kim Kardashian’s “humble” opulent birthday getaway last year, which you can read about here.

So it’s a field day for the internet crowd when it chances upon something they can claim to have better than the Jenners. Case in point: the pressure on her shower. 

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What’s The Fuss Over Jenner’s Shower?

At $590 million last year, Jenner had topped the Forbes world’s highest-paid celebrities list and had purchased a California home worth $36.5 million. So naturally, netizens would have expected her bathroom shower at least to have a force under which the billionaire can wash her stresses (if any) away. But after she gave a look into her walk-in shower on her Instagram story, a social media user pointed out that the water pressure on it was, well… questionable.

The post, which now has over a million likes, has gone viral, with many echoing the sentiment that their humble showers have far better pressure. And if that’s the showerhead someone like Jenner can afford, then there is some solace in not being among the wealthiest youngsters in the world.

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Social Media Users Apparently Expected Better Of Jenner

As some social media users celebrate the superiority of their showers over Jenner’s, others are left groaning about the sheer randomness of things we get trending because of celebrities.

We rounded up the best reactions for you: 

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Image Credit: Kylie Jenner/Instagram