5 Things To Know About Kylie Jenner, The Billionaire Make Up Mogul

In 2020, Kylie Jenner again made it to the highest-paid celebrities list in Forbes magazine with an annual worth of $590 million

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Transformation of Kylie Jenner ,Kylie Jenner Tops Forbes 2020 Highest-Paid Celeb List

Kylie Jenner’s popularity has passed a point after which it doesn’t matter whether she is liked or not. In 2019, she was named the youngest self-made entrepreneur by Forbes magazine and it made a lot of people mad. Social media outrage over her being "self-made" was questioned by many. Although her status of the being the youngest-billionaire was just a fact. Even Mark Zuckerberg was 23-years-old when he became a billionaire but Jenner was able to do it when she was just 21.  Here’s all you should know about how she built a billion-dollar cosmetic company:


‘Humble’ beginning

In 2015, Kylie Jenner started her company, Kylie Jenner, with reportedly zero revenue. Even though her inherited wealth and her pay from the reality television show Keeping Up With Kardashians did help her start it, she took small steps. The first lip kit sold by Jenner’s brand was $29 lip kit. As compared to other brands it caught consumers rapidly because it was economical and there was Kylie Jenner, a famous television personality’s name on it.

Crunching numbers

Forbes magazine estimated that in 2019 the net worth of Kylie Cosmetics was worth $900 million dollars. Reaching this number after just being in the market for four years was commendable. The magazine also stated that in 2015 itself Jenner had generated a turnover of $307 million dollars. Forbes, however, revealed later that some of the numbers provided by Kylie Jenner were in fact inflated to some extent.

Smaller army

Her mother and another famous television personality, Kris Jenner manages Kylie's business and charges her 10% of profit as a management fee. Apart from her, there are only nine employees working for Kylie Jenner rest everything is outsourced to various third party entities.


Social presence

One of the greatest factors for her commercial success is because of the television reality show but now her individual popularity is much higher than most of the family members. In 2019, named her the richest Instagram personality as its report said that Jenner gets paid $1.27 million dollars for a single post on the said platform.

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 Expansion and consistency

Today, Jenner’s cosmetics brand makes not just lip kits but skincare products, foundations, eye palettes and almost every makeup product. In 2020, she again made it to the list of highest-paid celebrities list in Forbes magazine with an annual worth of $590 million.

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