Kolkata To Get its First Batch Of Women Traffic Cops

Finally, the first squad of lady constables are ready to take the onus of securing Kolkata streets. This first batch of women traffic cops will be on scooters either in blue-white or in pink-black shades. The initiative aims to make women feel safe when they are commuting in the city of joy.

The squad will foremost assist women on the streets of the city seeking help and also help cops catch female riders who toe the line.

“You cannot strictly call them traffic cops. Their duty will not be the same as a traffic cop. But yes, the scooterettes — just like the Bullets — will increase our presence on the streets. We will provide all details about them once final deployment and role gets thrashed out,” said a top IPS officer at Lalbazar, the TOI reported.

According to sources, when their first official appearance was scheduled at Lalbazar, around 24 of them were present.

These women have proven their worth by handling important assignments including late night duty at important crossings.

On Monday, commissioner Rajeev Kumar went to the Police Training School for inspection. “As per our initial plan, some lady constables from here will be deputed to the traffic department for on-road duty. These lady constables will help traffic police in women related matters,” said an IPS officer.

“So far, we had women in senior positions but never on the road. Even men cannot easily misbehave with women,” said an officer.

Once the squad goes live some issues will need sorting. Till the other day, most traffic guards did not have a dedicated ladies toilet. Neither was there any dedicated changing room or a drop-at-home facility at night hours. “We are trying to look into the practical problems and address them,” said an official at Lalbazar.

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The present law states that woman motorists have to be pulled up for inspection in the presence of female officers. Same rule goes for a car with a woman driver.

“We need to account for the safety of women officials in our departments as well. Women officials in Kolkata Police are not many, but the numbers are fewer in the traffic department,” a senior traffic officer explained.

Kolkatans these days face severe inconvenience, especially younger working women, who do late nights. In the wake of rising safety concerns, this is a landmark decision to put crimes in check.

picture Credit: Indian Express

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