Finally, the first fleet of pink autos will hit the roads of Kolkata from today. The pink autos are exclusively run by women for women commuters in southern part of the city. The initiative aims to make women feel safe when they are travelling in Kolkata. The Women drivers Dress code too will be pink.

Kolkatans these days face severe inconvenience inconvenience, especially younger working women, who do late nights. In the wake of rising safety concerns, following the footsteps of Delhi and Bengaluru, Kolkata announced women drivers to put women in safe autos with the first ever pink autos in the city of joy.

These autos will ply between Tollygunge-Hazra route in south Kolkata, an official of the state transportation department announced today.

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Before the official start, a few women already rolled their vehicles in service at the Tollygunge-Hazra route. Three women have already taken up driving of the three-wheelers. The formal inauguration of the fleet of pink autos however, will be seen on Feb 8.

The women behind the wheels are being trained by a leader of the auto union based in south Kolkata. They are training 60 women auto drivers. All of whom eagerly entered the profession which is traditionally a male bastion industry.

“Women these days want to stand on their own feet and at the same time contribute to the income of the family. We have welcomed women in the profession of driving and are training 60 of them,” leader of the auto union in south Kolkata Gopal Sutar said, Millennium Post reported.

“Our plan of putting pink colour to these autos is to ensure that they can be recognised easily by the women.” he added.

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