Tamil Nadu Actor-Turned Politician Khushbu Sundar’s Twitter Account Hacked, Again

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Khushbu Sundar Twitter account hacked: Actor-turned politician Khushbu Sundar’s Twitter account was hacked into again on Tuesday. This is the second time that the Tamil Nadu politician has faced such issues. Earlier, in April last year, she took to her Instagram account and informed her followers that her official Twitter handle had been hacked, following which she sought help from her fans.

This time, the hacker has managed to change the profile name of the account to ‘Briann’ and has also changed the display and cover image. All the tweets and posts by the actor have also been deleted.

Sundar, who joined the BJP in October last year, had requested her fans last year to help her out as she was unable to change the password of the social media account. She had posted the information on Instagram writing that Twitter had sent her a confirmation saying that her account seemed to be either “hacked” or “compromised” as there were three different log-in attempts from three different locations. She had said she was clueless about what’s going on as Twitter told her the account was likely to be suspended.

The actor is reportedly making a comeback in films with Rajinikanth’s upcoming project Annaatthe. She had earlier opened up about dealing with depression and how this one time she even considered “ending it all”. It was the time when actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide case was in the spotlight, as he also allegedly battled depression for months. Sundar had revealed then that she had been dealing with depression as well. “Why should I let all go away is what I said to myself and came back. And here I am,” the well-known actor from the Southern film industry in India had tweeted last year. She had said she overcame that phase and isn’t afraid of failing.

Khushbu Sundar started her political journey in 2010 when she joined Tamil Nadu’s Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) party. In 2014 she went on to join the Congress Party, which she quit last year.

Feature Image Credit: The Indian Express

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